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Tips On How To Plan The Remodeling Of Your Home In Budget

Tips On How To Plan The Remodeling Of Your Home In Budget

Dear readers, hope you all are staying home and keeping safe. The current situation has worsened due to the second wave of the pandemic and we are trying to keep ourselves safe by following all the necessary hygiene guidelines. Amidst all that is happening, there are few decisions and tasks that cannot be postponed.

For example, moving to a new place due to retirement or remodeling your home due to a new member joining the family. For us, both of these checked the list, as my father retired from his government job and moved to his own property while we are preparing to welcome a new member of our family this year. I will be sharing my experience and some tips that worked for us and also helped us in saving some money. Feel free to share more tips in the comment section below and

Step 1

Planning and writing it down. Yes, as simple as this sounds it is absolutely imperative that planning should be properly done before spending money. From what changes do you need to how much will you be okay spending, everything should be decided. Be sure to write down and prioritize all of your remodeling goals. Make sure to keep your goals in focus and avoid getting side-tracked with smaller projects that can wait for later.

Step 2

Figuring out how exactly you’re going to finance this renovation is the next big step. Take a look at your current finances and decide if more money is needed in the form of a credit card or loan unless you have a fairy godmother this step needs maximum planning as it would affect your future financial planning. Get hold of different brochures and research well, before you finalize any product or change during remodeling. We wanted to remodel our washrooms and bedrooms only, which is why we looked for different kinds of bathroom settings at many shops as well as online. Setting down with even shower replacement took a lot of discussion and research.

Step 3

Look for decoration material in the local markets and experiment with some DIY projects if your pocket doesn’t allow heavy expenses to hire an Interior designer. Wallpapers instead of paint or plants instead of heavy decor, replace expensive items with products with more value and less on the pocket. When budgeting for a home renovation it is absolutely important that one must have some idea about how much everything costs. If you are hiring a contractor then make sure to find bids from at least three more to compare the prices.

Step 4

If you are an experienced person with a knack for DIY projects then you are likely to be good at working around the changes and distractions of a house remodel. However, if you have decided to hire a contractor then be sure to be clear about your daily routine, make sure to discuss the timeline for the project and your everyday schedule. To ensure your home remodel goes smoothly and without much chaos, establish a detailed and thorough timeline and max budget for the project. Be patient because renovations take time and energy.

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Reader Comments

  1. Couldn’t agree more, having the right budget, plan of action, and priorities decided can make this process easy and manageable for all. Nice tips that you have shared here.

  2. I like going through the local market and online stores too. Recent finds on FB market place has been good too. These are good tips you have mentioned.

  3. Even I follow the same practice of jotting down my ideas and expenses that will be Involved. Your shirt some beautiful ideas like DIY which can indeed help One makes something interesting for the house and also the local markets can give you something wonderful if you really hunt for it.

  4. We just got our balcony renovated into a study. It’s important to be clear about what we want and plan finances properly. Adding plants is a good option as well.

  5. Remodelling a home when you are living in it can be a challenging task. Hence, as you have rightly mentioned it should be planned properly and details including budgets worked out. Shopping for stuff from the local markets is something one should do to help local economies.

  6. Your post has come at the right time when I’m thinking about redesigning my newly purchased home. I was looking to hire an interior designer first but I’m a huge fan of DIY. Also I have budget constraints as well, so will have to be mindful about where I spend. Your tips are handy for me!

  7. This is a perfect post for me, I am at the moment looking for remodelling one of my rooms and I am looking for ideas. Thanks for these pointers, I will keep them in mind.

  8. Those are some useful tips. I’ve booked a new flat recently and am wondering how to decorate it in low budget. Now, it’s become quite easy according to your tips. Let me bookmark the post for future reference.

  9. I was planning to do some rework at home and your tips are really going to help me in taking up decisions. The points you have mentioned are really helpful.

  10. Loved all the tips Kavita. I am a big fan of DIY things and here in USA, it is quite trendy. if we done things properly, DIYs are great idea to save money and renovate your house under budget.

  11. I love to remodel and redecorate y house at regular intervals. But if we are looking for a major remodeling then the points that you have mentioned are very helpful. One thing that miss a lot here is the local markets where we can get beautiful home decor items.

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