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Healthy yet delicious Tiffinbox Ideas for kids which they love to eat

Healthy yet delicious Tiffinbox Ideas for kids which they love to eat

The schools have re-opened and parents are going through a mix of emotions. We all wanted a normal life for our little ones, a life where they are not scared of stepping out, where meeting friends and hugging them is normal. The reopening of schools has given a bit of hope to all of us for the future. As much as I enjoy cooking, I am equally terrified of morning chaos in the morning. To overcome this, I often prepare a week’s #tiffinbox ideas in advance and prepare for it the night before.

Here are a few of the Healthy yet delicious #Tiffinbox Ideas for kids that they love to eat. I hope this will help you keep your mornings less chaotic:

  1. Monday

Tiffin Ideas

In tiffin: Watermelon, Mango, Medu vada and paneer rolls

  • Tuesday


In tiffin: Grapes, Cashew, Vermicelli, Choco Bomb

  • Wednesday

In tiffin: Poori, paneer steaks, grapes, choco bomb, medu vada

  • Thursday


In tiffin: Poori, paneer steaks, watermelon, Cheese Sandwich

Save this to sort out the menu for a week:

Day Food Fruit
Monday Peanut Vermicelli + Medu Vada Watermelon
Tuesday Paneer dosa+ cucumber+ Appe cake watermelon +mango
Wednesday Poori + paneer cubes+ Smileys Grapes +Mango
Thursday Paneer Paratha+ Spaghetti watermelon + muskmelon
Friday Aloo Paratha + paneer cubes + cucumber slices Mango + Grapes

The everyday struggle of what to pack in tiffin feels a little less daunting with these posts, isn’t it?

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow!! Great ideas and absolutely amazing presentation! I’m sure you have one very happy child!

  2. the boxes look very colorful and appetizing Kavita n I’m sure kids will gobble them down. I avoid mixing food n fruits together so I have to think of other options to substitute the fruits n nuts😀

  3. Wow, Kavita this has come to be at the right time. With schools starting soon we moms are going to be struggling with easy, quick, and tasty-looking recipes for kids’ tiffin box.

  4. Wow!!This post is something going to be my permanent bookmark, it solved my early morning problem. Healthy yet tempting lunch box idea is simply amazing.

  5. Wow these are really cool and lovely ideas. Healthy and colourful food snacks that will surely help and attract kids to eat it. Thanks for these recommendations.

  6. How wonderful these tiffin ideas are. I am going to save this post and follow it. My daughter is a typically fussy eater. I am sure she is going to enjoy these sort of tiffin

  7. These are such amazing ideas of kids’ tiffin boxes every day, I was myself tempted to see all these wonderful images and ideas. Saving this post for future reference.

  8. Very simple and tasty tiffin ideas. Once the schools start it is every parent’s dilemma on what to give in tiffin and too it needs to be healthy. Your chart is very well balanced.

  9. These are excellent tiffin box suggestions taking all food groups into consideration. And I am sure your post would be useful for all the mommies out there.

  10. Your kids are lucky! I love the thought you put behind packing them fun yet healthy lunches. This is giving me some great ideas for my niece when she grows up!

  11. Your post reminds me of when my kids were small and wanted something different every day in their tiffins. I like how balanced each of your suggestions is.

  12. Thanks specially for the Menu. I was struggling to find out the easy one. All tiffin items looks tempting. School will start in June and my daughters ask me daily what will you give me in tiffin. Give some delicious items. Your post make my work easy.😀

  13. These are some really amazing ideas that are sure to appeal to kids. The lunchbox is a means to surprise and delight the kids, and these are geared towards that.

  14. Superb post Kavita, it’s really easy when we have a ready plan for kid’s healthy and tasty tiffin for entire week. Thanks for the tasty and useful Post. Sharing it.

  15. Seriously what a time to come up with such a post, loved the ideas of tiffinbox and most importantly the timetable. I was like why haven’t I maintained a weekly timetable for tiffin packing. Thanks a useful 1

  16. wow lovely ideas. you have included healthy food creatively in lunch box that will surly appeal kids. I also follow similar approach while packing tiffin for my girls.

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