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Sea, It Makes Me Smile From Within – I Saw SEA For The First Time (Part 1)

Sea, It Makes Me Smile From Within – I Saw SEA For The First Time (Part 1)

I was trying to write my experience of witnessing one of the most powerful and beautiful creations of nature from last 6 months but words were falling short. My first proper introduction with the beauty of water happened when I was in 6th standard. I was cycling through the roads of IIT Kanpur where my father used to work back then and I saw a place covered with walls, I could see a diving board from outside but had no clue what that was. I could hear the water splashing while few were diving and some were swimming but I didn’t go inside and came back home. I knew it was a swimming pool because we often crossed that road during our evening walks.

You see, no girl in my family ever swam and we didn’t really speak about it too because dad apparently wasn’t a fan of the sport (read Costume troubles) so my curiosity was pretty natural. Did I mention I am a forever rebel of our family? Anyways, I was learning Bharatanatyam and while I was enjoying those classes the sound of water still sounded like music to my ear every time we walked by that pool.

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I decided to visit the facility with a friend, went and fell in love with that blue water, sunlight made it sparkle. I asked about the monthly charges, cost of costume, cap and rest things required for swimming, took a form, hid it in my bag and came back home.

Late at night, when maa was putting all of us to sleep, I showed her the form and told her everything. Being from a middle-class family, financial crunch isn’t something that was alien to me but maa promised she will speak to dad. After waiting for a week, I found the signed form and money on the slab while I was getting ready for school, the feeling was beyond words can explain.

I came back home after school and without eating anything, took my cycle out and went to the pool. From that day onwards, getting into the pool became my escape from the reality or any troubles of the world. Even today just looking at pool brings such a happy feeling from within.

Cut to March 2019, I have four girls in my life with whom I have shared emotions that the world would never understand. From sorrow to happiness and from hope to devastation, we have been a part of each other’s life for almost a decade now. I get a call from one of them saying the tickets have been booked and we are leaving for Goa in 7 days.

To be honest, we had been planning for this trip for quite some time but it never materialized and then all of a sudden the tickets were done. Had it not been for Ady who got the tickets done, I knew we would have found another reason to back out from the plan. Out of all four of us, it was just me who has never seen a beach before. As much as I was excited to witness the beauty, my friends were excited to see me react given they all know what a water baby I am. Of course, we chose the beach which was “Less- Happening” and more of soul-soothing.


I was walking on the road towards the beach and I had no clue how serene it is going to get in the next minute. I was told to close my eyes and they will guide me where to go also when to open my eyes.

I could hear the sound of water but it was very different from anything I heard before, beautiful yet scary at the same time. The sand beneath my feet felt weird, like velvety but ticklish. My brain wasn’t ready to grasp the magnanimous beauty of the place yet. I opened my eyes after Ady’s instruction and instantly realized what love at first sight literally means.

To be continued…

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Reader Comments

  1. this is such a beautiful post Kavita, coming from the same background my famiy had similar inhibitions. but I learnt it in the first year of my job., I was quite shy initially but slowly I began liking it,, still love it though I don’t get time

  2. Refreshing read! I used to live in South Mumbai before my marriage and took the Arabian Sea for granted. It has been 18 years since my marriage and we shifted to North Mumbai – I still miss the sea. Loved your perspective and can totally empathise with your experience. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

  3. I so wish to go on a similar trip with my girl gang but just not able to plan one. I am sure you have made memories for life. Good to read about your tryst with the water.

  4. It was a great read Kavita and I had a great time while reading your childhood to adulthood journey of being close to all 4 are looking so good together..looking forward for next post. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

  5. Woww..nice post.. your post reminded me of my own experience of the day when I first saw the’s memorable, though..I have also written my own experience in my blog.. your post left me nostalgic..:)

  6. Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations and beaches & sea is why it is so. This place is synonymous with fun. I’m glad you made this trip and enjoyed it.

  7. We have a tendency to take these lovely gifts of nature for granted. It was a pleasure to read your post and be reminded of the simple beauty of life.

  8. You have a powerful story reling ability. Cuaght me from the very start and did relate to each and every word. Dress trouble, asking mom secretary, close friends trip loved it a lot. #damurureads #myfriendalexa

  9. I love watching the sea. The first time I saw it I was as excited like a little baby. I can sit for hours at the beach just gazing at the sea with many waves talking and trying to play with me. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

  10. I can imagine how u must have felt looking at the sea for the first time.I so relate to how your dad must have reluctantly agreed to swimming because of the costume. I live near the sea but I have hydrophobia! I would love to go in ot the water. #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

  11. I can so much relate to your struggles of getting permission at home for something which was unprecedented. Hahaha, I had many such missions during school days. Lovely post, Kavita. Friends are forever and so are our aspirations to make this life a happy place.

  12. I remembered your fun trip with ur friends on instagram, even i planned a reunion with my friend ,which never happend. #millennialscribbler #myfriendalexa

  13. The sea is always a beautiful sight and sitting on the beach and pondering over the vicissitudes of life as the waves move in and out is a heavenly pastime. In short daydreaming on the beaches is a great h

  14. Hi, it was an enjoyable read and the emotions flowed seamlessly in your post 🙂
    it was nice to read that you actually could live the dream (or maybe one of the dreams) of your life. It’s indeed a wonderful feeling indeed !

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