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Stories We Never Tell By Savi Sharma

Stories We Never Tell By Savi Sharma


Author: Savi Sharma 

Book Name: Stories We Never Tell 

Genre: Fiction

By now I have read three books by this author and looks like there will be more on the list soon. I believe, the USP of her books is the writing or language. It is simple and easy to understand and she refrains from using words that make you pull out a dictionary from the shelf.

I bought this book with an impression of this being a love story and well, it is but also not a one confused? Read on…



The kind of stressful world we all are living in, it is about time that talking about mental health is not taboo anymore. I would like to applaud the author to chose to write on this topic and present it to her audience. Is it one of the best books written on such a topic that I have read so far? No, yet I am glad that an Indian author paid much attention to devote the entire story to mental health. 


Jhanvi and Ashray are the leading characters of this novel. Both are poles apart personalities yet by the end of the book they find something to hold onto in each other’s broken self. The story is based on the life depending decisions of this century, aka, followers, and social media. Why am I not surprised. The story includes some fun anecdotes yet make sure to keep the focus on the struggles of two-pole opposite personalities.

At one point in the story, the female protagonist of the story feels heartbroken and understands it will result in “one less follower”. Relatable much? The story revolves around these two celebrating the wins and grieving the losses in their life without realizing when or how they crossed each other’s life.

There are a few lines in this book that will be in my mind and heart for a really long time:

There are moments in our lives that change us irrevocably; these moments come without warning. Sometimes they are avoidable. Other times, it is a cruel throw of the dice. No one ever fully recovers. Recovery is a process, ongoing and always changing. The things that set you off before become irrelevant and other things become important; life will always have something else that it throws at you.

One of my favorite parts of this book is how dealing with grief has been kept humane. It is a gradual process for many. I was hooked to the story and kept it down once I finished it. I believe, explaining human emotions in words and then creating magic in the reader’s heart is the wizardry of words. Not everyone is blessed with it. However, this book was a good read did fairly well with the expectations I had. I connected to the stories of different characters.

Things I didn’t find too pleasing as my reading taste:

As I said before, getting in-depth about human emotions is a gutsy move for any writer if one can deliver it well. Grief and mental health are topics that many will connect with however, will it take a piece of their soul once the book is over? The kind which remains in your heart and lingers in your mind for days.

I found the writing lacking in this regard. It was a one-time read and left me asking for more. Jumped into the next scene without a proper closure to one. I wish, more and more Indian authors start writing on this topic and do justice to these emotions.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Author,

    You made certain good points there. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of folks will have the same opinion with your blog.

  2. Hi Author,

    Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your website is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes mental health is important to talk about .Thank you for the honest review enumerating the highs and lows of the book . I agree with you that proper closure of emotions is always needed in any chapter .

  4. Mental health covered in this book so nicely, I really want to read this book. Thanks for sharing such a brief and honest review!!

  5. I haven’t read any fiction/non-fiction book by an Indian author thus far that covers or addresses mental health as one of the main aspects of the story. Do you advise this book as a starting point for someone like me?

  6. A well-chosen topic by the author, and going by your review I can say she has justified it in her writings.

  7. I’ve seen this book but not read it as yet. Mental health is a topic when beautifully written can touch the cord of hearts for the readers. And I think many n many more writers need to tap this topic.

  8. I’ve come across her books but haven’t read any yet. Mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed and even more so in relevance to social media. I liked your balanced review.

  9. I loved reading this balanced review of the book. Its important to know the goods and bad before buying a book. I am sure the writer tried best to bring out all the details on mental health but still could have done a little more.

  10. Thank you for the honest review enumerating the highs and lows somehow I will like to pick up this one time read too Kavita

  11. Sounds like a decent one-time read. Mental health is actually quite a deep topic. Dealing with grief is very difficult. You have given a good review.

  12. Expressing emotions in writing is the most difficult task, if done accurately, bang on but if you fail than it will not have any impact on the readers. Thanks for the honest review, I would like you read as everyone one has different perspective towards things.

  13. You have honestly pointed out all the facts – both positive and negative about the book. You have pointed out the negative facts without thrashing the book. This is commendable

  14. This was a honest review. You shared what you didn’t like as well. I am emotionally very vulnerable right now and I have had my share of grief and I am clinically chronic depressed. I would skip this book I guess.

  15. Thanks for an honest review. I had read one book from Savi Sharma and will check this one as well. I agree that mental health needs to be talked about and if it is done through fiction, it will get talked about more.

  16. Yes mental health is a good topic to talk about. There are many authors who have a lovely concept or story but lack in their writing. They should take some classes and they should get better.

  17. yes mental health and grief are such an important aspect of our health and overall well being. and I agree more writers should write on this. I really like that you have mentioned the things so clearly which you did not liked about the book. yes proper closure of one scene is must for a good reader experience.

  18. Kavita, mental health is a very deep and vast topic and there is so much to write about it. I liked how you honestly wrote about what you liked and didn’t like. As a reader, I would like to have closure of one chapter before moving on to the next. That way it feels that we finished one part and it do not disturb us while we are reading the next.

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