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Stories We Never Tell By Savi Sharma

Stories We Never Tell By Savi Sharma


Author: Savi Sharma 

Book Name: Stories We Never Tell 

Genre: Fiction

By now I have read three books by this author and looks like there will be more on the list soon. I believe, the USP of her books is the writing or language. It is simple and easy to understand and she refrains from using words that make you pull out a dictionary from the shelf.

I bought this book with an impression of this being a love story and well, it is but also not a one confused? Read on…


Jhanvi and Ashray are the leading characters of this novel. Both are poles apart personalities yet by the end of the book they find something to hold onto in each other’s broken self. The story is based on the life depending decisions of this century, means, followers, and social media.

There is a line that made me chuckle, the female protagonist of the story feels heartbroken and understands it will result in one less follower. The story revolves around these two celebrating the wins and grieving the losses in their life without realizing when or how they crossed each other’s life.

There are a few lines in this book that will be in my mind and heart for a really long time:

There are moments in our lives that change us irrevocably; these moments come without warning. Sometimes they are avoidable. Other times, it is a cruel throw of the dice. No one ever fully recovers. Recovery is a process, ongoing and always changing. The things that set you off before become irrelevant and other things become important; life will always have something else that it throws at you.

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