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Author: Navneet Gandhi & Varuna Khullar

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Am I eight years late reading this book? #marriedforeightyears This was the first thought that crossed my mind after reading the title. I got this book ( as a gift from my secret Santa. Yes, I still believe in such childish notions/practices and where books are involved fir sab Kuch jayaz hai. After months I had the chance to read this one, all thanks to my ongoing obsession with podcasts.

The book looks like a typical desi-one from the first look of it. The cover page is of bright crimson color. There is a bride running in the opposite direction of the groom (Should have taken a hint here). I thought, the book is going to be of all about the Indian wedding rituals in its glory however, contrary to my belief it isn’t about wedding woes rather a fun ride of marriage proposal escapades of a witty woman.

I have never been on matrimonial site before but after reading this book, I can guess the chaos and fun (errr…) part of it a bit.

For being a debut book of the authors, Varuna and Navneet, it does justice to the reader’s faith.

The protagonist of this story is a woman. She is divorced and looking for a suitable groom via online matchmaking platforms out of which is the one that her mom relies on the most.

Hilarious punches and witty comebacks are a USP of this book. The “Matka-wedding” would be one of my favorite bits from this book. There is no big plot as such but is a big list of funny encounters in Leena’s life via a matrimonial website. The narration was fine and the language was easy to read. Underlying all the amusement is a hint to all the cultural norms that need challenging in our Indian culture.

The bond between a mother and daughter is portrayed beautifully. A mother’s nature of being the one who enforces absurd ritual to being the unwavering support is all the more beautiful to read because one can relate to the core with the situation and dialogues of this relationship.

There are some dialogues/situation/punches which made me chuckle so hard that I got some weird stares from my family, Kudos to the writers.

Final thoughts:

It is a fun read for a Saturday evening while you sip your adrak wali chai and reminisce some memories of being in a similar situation as the story proceeds. It’s a very Indian-wali-feel book which is also a USP of the book. The characters are relatable and the writing is quirky.

What I don’t like about the book is the way it is printed I mean, each page of the book has some design printed (looks like a perfect Mehandi design) which is a bit distractive for me to read the context of the book. The ending could have a bit elaborative but I guess it would have needed more plot twists.

All in all, you won’t regret it if you have picked it up. It is not a book that would remain in your heart for a longer period of time but it is definitely not something that you won’t enjoy reading once.

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Reader Comments

  1. I’ve read your reviews about book tittle ‘!You style of writing review is much interesting for me,you are showing environment of Indian culture like taking tea in Saturday evening and pain of divorced women is also representing by your review.Love of mother and daughter are also selfless is shoeing in this.

  2. Book with Indian marriages backdrop is surely a fun read. I guess to give wedding feel the pictures in the book and I have seen in many books that end is not elaborated, I feel the end should be well so that it sets a complete package for reader.

  3. It’s been aeons that I have picked a chic-lit. Is it a chic-lit? Sounds like it’s humourous and make for a good light read. Will surely look it up. Great review.

  4. The name of the book itself is very funny.. this is a intersting read. . would love to read this..

  5. The name and the cover page got me that this should be a fun story revolving around someone’s marriage. On the other hand, which podcasts are you heating these days?

  6. he he this is such a relevant book.. atleast for me.. I did get the guy from a matrimonial site. Trust me there are serious silly encounters at the portal. I would surely love to grab this book.

  7. This sounds like a fun read! and absolutely opposite of my own experience with online matrimonial sites! I agree a mother-daughter relationship is so special and their banter is such a joy to witness!
    I personally like mehendi designs but i agree if every page had a design it would distract me too, not to mention have me itching to get my color pencils 🙂

  8. Slapstick romcom movies and books- I have never been a fan of, but after reading your book review, I feel confident that this book would be up for a grab. Shall order my copy.

  9. Heylo, Lovely. I must confess that I have not been into romcom, slapstick books, but your review prompts me to order this one online 😉

  10. I liked the book cover, it’s quirky. I’m 14 years too late but from your review I feel I’ll enjoy this book. Witty humour is rare to find. Shall give it a read.

  11. The name itself seems catchy. And yes, I do liked the cover page. From you review, it seems an interesting read and I feel every Indian bride/girl can relate to it.

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