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Written In The Stars By Divya Anand #BookReview

Written In The Stars By Divya Anand #BookReview

Dear readers, this part of the world is all geared up for the festivals of lights known as Diwali. I hope in your part of the world festivities are brightening up your days too. Since I adorned a hat of motherhood for the second time, “exhaustion” has a new meaning. Amidst all the chaos of tears and joy, I still manage to steal a few moments for myself and indulge in books.

Today’s book review is on the first book that I have read after I delivered a new member of our family. Given my love for the romance genre, I found a perfect read to start with. This one definitely has all the ingredients to be a bestseller. Written in the stars is one of my favorite reads of this year 🙂

Book Name: Written In The Stars

Author: Divya Anand

Genre: Fiction, Romance

About the Author

Divya Anand handles a role of a product manager in a well-reputed organization and has authored three books, including this one, so far. She loves wandering through the food streets.  Currently, she is living in Banglore with her Husband. As per her, the creative ideas pop up in her head when she hangs upside down in her yoga classes or when she is busy doodling.

What did I love about this story?

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to the romantic genre and stories, however, only a few find a place in our hearts. This one is definitely a book that I would recommend to others. A good storyline, well-balanced characters, and their unique storyline with the right amount of mushiness of love and yet relatable on many levels, would be a USP of this book.

To be honest, there aren’t many Indian authors who have failed to impress me in this genre of writing. The author has done absolute justice to this book and it made me her true fan. Sitara, the female protagonist of this story seems like a girl next door and I am so sure, we all know one such Abhimanyu in our real life. My weekend was a happy one, all thanks to this beautiful love story that I read. It is indeed true, a book can make or break your day 🙂


The female protagonist of this story, Sitara is my favorite character and I love her goofiness. When all her efforts at political maneuvering, sucking up, and even doing her job fail to land her that elusive promotion, Sitara decides it’s time to use the new marketing head Abhimanyu’s obsession with his horoscope to her advantage.

Soon, she’s rescheduling meetings, pitching ideas, and picking launch dates based on his horoscope. Except, Sitara is so focused on manipulating Abhimanyu with the career section of his horoscope that she doesn’t pay attention to the personal section. Hilarity ensues when these star-crossed signals result in Abhimanyu pursuing Sitara romantically, without realizing that the ‘signs’ are engineered coincidences in her quest to get promoted.

What did I not love about this story?

Oh, I am absolutely delighted to read this book and honestly, didn’t find anything which I disliked about this book. Having said that, I wanted an ending to be a little more elaborated and the growth of Abhinayu’s character a bit more explored.

Being the first book in this genre from this author, this one surpasses my expectation and I would love to read her next book soon.

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