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True Liars By Isha Inamdar

True Liars By Isha Inamdar
Book: True Liars

Author: Isha Inamdar     

Genre: Romance Fiction

I am a true romantic at heart and a big fan of cheesy cliché Hindi romantic movies. When it comes to romance fiction books, I enjoy the world they create and believe you me most of the time I fall in love with the characters in it.

The day it arrived my doorstep I was pretty intrigued by its book cover.  Thank you, Isha Inamdar for sending this book which is perfect dose of full desi romance. As for this book, my favorite character is “Rudra”, read the book and I am sure you will fall in love with him too. I can very well relate with Anjana aka NJ, being from a small city I understand her emotions and the constant fight to fit in in the new environment.

Story Synopsis:

One of the main characters of the book Anjana aka NJ. She comes to Mumbai known as the city of dreams, for making her dream into a reality of being a DJ. Wonderfully described Rajasthan’s scenic beauty is another plus point of the book. NJ, Harsh and his boyfriend Sam stay together in Mumbai. Circumstances bring NJ and Harsh to Rajasthan where NJ falls for Harsh’s elder brother Rudra. Man of few words, caring, emotional with a broken heart.

Harsh did not share about his boyfriend Sam with his family and takes NJ to his sister’s wedding as a girlfriend (just to avoid any more matchmaking fiasco). Wedding vows, secrets and lies make situation messy and complicated.  The story takes a nail-biting turn when BJ goes missing after returning to Mumbai. Where could she have gone? Why are the rumors that she is dead?

About the Author

Isha Inamdar is a financial service professional and has previously worked in art direction in the film and advertising industry where her involvement with the sets made sure that she was always in her own world, constantly imagining stories and situations. Isha fell in love with books at an early age and for her, Nirvana means seeing her name on the book cover. True Liars is her first full-length novel. (Courtsey: Amazon)

My Recommendation

If you are a true fan of romantic fiction novels then it is a must read. A book that keeps you hooked till the last page. Though I felt, it gets little less exciting in the middle but the ending makes it all worth it. To buy this book please click here.

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Reader Comments

  1. The book seems to be very interesting and intriguing. It has been a long time since I got my hands on a good book. I do feel like grabbing my copy now.

  2. I do not read romantic fiction. I didn’t read during my college days too , don’t know why it never attracted me. I was more of a reader of thrillers and court room drama novels. However yourcreview has got me intrigued to try “True Liars”

  3. I am a fan of romantic novels too but the busy days with my kiddo has created a distance between me and books but still will try to cover up some with a fresh start with this book.

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