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Review of Disney Byju’s Early Learning App from A Mom’s Perspective

Review of Disney Byju’s Early Learning App from A Mom’s Perspective

It’s been a year since my little one has stopped going to school due to the pandemic that hit us out of nowhere. Keeping a four-year-old occupied all day long with different activities, within the four walls, was a challenge. Especially, when work from home became a norm and it affected all our lives.

Not only we had to focus on keeping her busy during her playtime, the regular school hours which now would be “online classes” were on our shoulders too. That is when my search for some assistance started because, I knew the screen time will increase drastically, no matter how hard I tried. A dear friend recommended Disney Byju’s app to me and I downloaded it the next day.

What Is Disney Byju’s Early Learning App?

It is a special offering from BYJU’S in collaboration with Disney India. Learning is fun, engaging, and effective with this all-new app for young minds. Crafted for young children, this app provides personalized, interactive programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters.

The app familiarizes them with a fun way of concept-building. Kids can easily explore as well as practice Math and English concepts. Disney’s timeless stories and characters from Mickey and Friends, Frozen, Cars, The Jungle Book, and more make this all the more interesting for children.

Why Choose This App Amid The Sea Of Other Apps Available Online?

For me, the moment I downloaded the app, I was impressed by the graphics and also, how easy it was to use. Here are few more reasons that helped me in narrowing down my choice:

  • There are beautiful and amazing stories from the Disney world. It will help the child understand better, easily, and quickly. Characters from Disney like Princes, Frozen, Lion King, Toy story, etc. are available on the app to make it more interesting.
  • The content of the application is accumulated after much research from the expertise of BYJU’s, which then has been enhanced with Disney’s mesmerizing stories and much-loved characters.
  • The app provides customized smart learning journeys that adapt to every child’s individual learning patterns.
  • It includes interactive videos, sing-along rhymes, and engaging storytelling to cutting-edge worksheets. It offers a comprehensive learning platform for children.
  • A parental reporting system that offers detailed live progress reports of your kid. We as a parent can easily track and also, monitor the learning journey of our children.
  • Hands-on practice and real-time feedback with digitally enabled worksheets will allow young minds to ‘Learn-by-doing’ and receive qualitative feedback.

learning app

One of my favorites, from the lot, is that there are digitally enabled worksheets that offer an offline-to-online learning experience. This means, the screen-time kids get can be turned into a fun learning experience. The app also offers real-time updates on the child’s progress allow parents to be closely involved in their growth and development.

Digital learning is more interactive and memorable than voluminous textbooks or one-sided lectures. These digital learning methods not only provide better context but also more engaging activities than traditional education methods.

**This is a sponsored post however, all the views are of my own and have been shared after using the app personally**

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Reader Comments

  1. My kids are also using Byjus and it really helped them a lot in understanding the concept and learning in simple ways. Thanks for sharing this review dear.

  2. I haven’t used this app yet but your review from a mom’s perspective truly highlighted the positives of it. I think I should check this out for my daughter.

  3. Apps like these have made online learning easy and interesting for kids. My nephew also uses this app for his weekly learning time. He enjoys the way it is interactive and enjoyable for him.

  4. Disney byjus learning app looks really good and must have app for kids as it is learning with fun. Thanks a lot for such a detailed review.

  5. this is very interesting and i wish i had heard about this app months ago. It has been tough engaging my now 4 year old and keeping him away from you tube videos. Will definitely have a look at this app.

  6. Yesterday only I was discussing with my husband about to introduce the Disney byju’s to my son. And now after knowing your prospective I am very sure to get it done .

  7. Disney has been a long favorite, and i have heard good things from older kids about byjus. definitely worth checking this out for the little kids, based on your glowing review.

  8. Learning has had a massive revolution, I must say and Disney Byju’s is indeed one of the best choices for edutainment. Good to know about your perspective!

  9. I was thinking of trying Disney Byju’s for my son. Your review definitely helps me in moving towards the decision that I think will benefit my child in the long run.

  10. in covid era, we all are highly dependent on digital learning option. this disney Byjus learning app sounds really amazing to me. thank you so much dear for sharing your honest review. will check out this for girls for sure.

  11. We took a demo of this and my kids loved it a lot. The teacher was also quite good. It’s just that we cannot spend money on it right now, so waiting for the right time.

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