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A tick on my bucket list!

A tick on my bucket list!

There are many things that remain on your bucket list for the longest time but rarely turn into reality. From past couple of years, I had been planning to write down the gratitude list. Things, emotions, people or situation that I am blessed with or thankful for.

Lazy Me!

Hours turned into days and days into years but at the back of my mind, I always had this thought on gratitude list. I genuinely wanted to write what I am really grateful for. All thanks to blogging, I met with a dear friend and in her blogs, I read about Thankful Thursday (read here). She told me about these two amazing mom bloggers who have been doing this for past one year and writing their list of gratitude every week. I read and realized what a perfect way to start but my lazy mind didn’t give up just now. It stopped me from writing saying we shall start from next year. As it was just a month left I decided to go with my lazy mind.

Host’s Post!

What made me change my thought process is the phase that I am going through and a statement I read on one of the host’s (#Thankful Thursday) blog post.  She said and I quote “Every second you are on the internet you are using data. That’s money, my dear.”

Believe it or not, money is one of the strongest motivators that exist in the world. So, what’s in it for me other than the fact that I would put a tick in one of the things on my bucket list?

*It will bring me a bit of piece from the chaotic thoughts that I often get which usually starts with “What am I doing with my blogging” or “Am I grateful enough in life?”

* It will help me keeping the writing flare intact as writing regularly is a challenge that I am facing at the moment.

*Bringing the right approach towards everything in life including work.

I think enough reasons to start with at-least for the first time writing on #Thankful Thursday. Be ready to read my list of gratitude, every week and I truly hope you take on this habit too.

Thankful thursday

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Reader Comments

  1. I totally appreciate Your thoughts and believe that being thankful for the smallest of things in our lives brings about biggest changes

  2. Thank you, Kavita for penning and reflecting the reason behind ThankfulThursdays so beautifully.What we focus on does grow.With every step we take together we grow stronger and more blessed.Loved reading this.Thank you for writing with us and thanking the Universe!

  3. Being thankful and counting the reasons for which you should show gratitude definitely helps realise what all isn’t important in life. You have written beautifully

  4. How Inwish Instart thankful Thursday’s too! It’s defi a walk in the memory lane to go back and sit to think about people and things I am thankful for. Lovely idea

  5. I also heard about these mom bloggers who started the “Thankful Thursdays” posts and think it is an amazing idea to join. Being thankful should be a part of our life.

  6. Gratitude makes us happy. It fills the air with positivity. We should be thankful for the life we are blessed with. Looking forward for your Thankful Thursday posts.

  7. Being thankful helps us take a step back and look at the bigger picture and knowing what’s working and what’s not! I love thankful Thursday! You have mentioned some great reasons.

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