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Homeschooling Your Kids? Here’s How You Can Create A Space In Your House For E-Learning

Homeschooling Your Kids? Here’s How You Can Create A Space In Your House For E-Learning

Homeschooling Your Kids?

There are many changes that we all have witnessed in our daily lifestyle since the pandemic made its way into this world and forced us to stay confined to our houses/ homes. Being a mother of a four-year-old daughter, one of the biggest changes I faced in my life is to homeschool my child in these times.

This homeschooling plan needed a complete structure, from a proper schedule to the right environment. As much as I wanted the syllabus to be a perfect fit for her, I also wanted to create a room with no distractions of gadgets yet fun to study in.

I am sure we all can relate to the internet search and YouTube mania we get when it comes to home/room renovations. I went through the same phase and looked for wall stencils and home panting services for her room. Giving the house a makeover and changing the colors of our walls is something that I have always enjoyed. Just a splash of color on your walls or a creative stencil can fill the room with much-needed newness.


Through this post I will be sharing my learning with you all, hope this will help a few of you in the future if you too decide to create a space in your house for e-learning:

  • Prepare a theme or raw plan and make sure to involve your kid

My little one has been obsessed with pink and purple since day one. I know that’s why she loves female superheroes and would enjoy the studies more if it involves these characters. The right combination of paint and stencils can dramatically change the mood as well as the overall look of the room. Have a theme in mind, look for multiple options on the internet before settling with the final one. Pick a cheerful theme and incorporate some of your child’s favorite motifs, animals, or cartoon characters.

A child’s room should be warm and cozy with vibrant colors to enhance their imagination. This is something that I have learned from my own experience, always do a patch test before you buy the color because often colors look really different in the box than the wall.

  • A child-friendly paint for walls

Writing unreadable words to paint imaginary castles on walls by our little ones, is something that we all know is unavoidable. I had always been a fan of my little Picasso’s art on our house walls but also secretly wished that the walls remain clean after her creativity burst gets over, all thanks to Berger Paints it all became possible. I used Berger Paints, Easy Clean Fresh for my little one’s room and it looks absolutely stunning and at the same time super easy to wipe off pencil marks and stains!

Chalkboard panels are a great option too if your little one loves to write with chalk as much as my child does. If you don’t want to paint a whole wall, just paint a sturdy piece of plywood and mount it securely, which can be removed easily whenever you want to.

  • Stencils or posters/wall art

The décor of a child’s room should be fun and lively. This will help them in being more interested to learn and study in one place. Stencils or wall arts are a great way to give the right ambiance you need for the room. Peppy stencils like animals, flowers, shapes, or even planets can be a game-changer when it comes to giving a new look to your little ones’ room.

To be honest, there’s practically no limit to the potential and no design rules to stand in the way as far as it makes you and your little one happy. Graphics add zest to a particular setting, and according to the method you choose, they can fit various budgets too.



  • Keep the room gadget-free with minimal toys/ keep it clutter-free

Keeping my little one’s room free from any electronic gadgets was one of my conscious choices as the usage of these gadgets has skyrocketed since the lockdown has started. Engaging them with different activities such as tidying up their room after playing is a good practice to follow. To help your child stay organized, define work, and play zones in his or her room.

Try to keep a separate space for playing. Make sure that you have enough storage for books and stationery to keep surfaces looking uncluttered and tidy.

Hope these tips will help you whenever you decide to give a makeover to your kid’s room. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this and any tricks/tips that can make our life easier.

Happy Parenting Mamas!

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This is a sponsored post by Berger Paints but all views are mine. I have personally used the products and reviewed them on my experience.


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  1. Great tips…. I’ve made my kids room too keeping their likes and preferences in mind, making it comfortable and fun for them to be in their room. I also keep changing and shuffling this around to make things more reachable for kids. Specially books and school books and stationary

  2. These are some really wonderful tips. I have been trying to create a homeschooling space ever since my son’s school has started online classes but I never get from where to start. You are right first I need to think of a theme for the room. Thanks for these tips.

  3. These are great tips for making kids study room with some good and friendly environment and I agree with minimal toys and less gadgets they use to concentrate more!!

  4. Great tips to make the study room or space more interesting. Taking kids’ choices into consideration does help alot with their own moods as well. I’m also trying to include my daughter in every little thing related to her school.

  5. Woah! you have shared some great tips Kavita. With the changing times, creating a special place for e-learning has become necessary. It works just like how productivity of adults gets better with having a proper work space. I really like the stencil idea. I have to try that out soon.

  6. Awesome. I loved that monkey stencil space. Right now space is the issue so we have combined my hubby’s workspace with the e-learning space. Anyway he begins work when my daughter is done with school.

  7. Wow these are great tips Kavita and specially with recent scenario it is extremely useful. I agree we should talk with our kids first and should make changes as per their choices. Using bright and vibrant colors always work well with kids room decor.

  8. Making kids room e-learning friendly I very important to keep the charm of learning on. The other day, I changed my daughter’s room decor. I keep changing it time to time to give a freshness to her eyes.

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