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Here is my embarrassment served on a platter to Tickle your funny bone

Here is my embarrassment served on a platter to Tickle your funny bone

I have a feeling that my grandchildren will remember me as a granny with tons of embarrassing stories to tell or maybe the one who lived her life to the fullest, we will see how this turns out. For now, I have a story to share and hopefully bring a smile to your face. As the title promptly suggests here is my embarrassment served in a platter to tickle your funny bones. Well, I am sure this is going to be a regular series post because damn, the girl who is writing this is a queen of clumsiness.

I am clumsy and I know it.

From slipping on a road without a trace of anything that I could tumble on or walking straight into a glass door like a penguin, I have experienced all. Before I started writing this I had to find the least embarrassing story of mine or else this would be a never-ending post.

***I will start with the least embarrassing one***

This happened quite a few years ago when I was a part of the corporate world. I was going to the office in a cab which was the usual ordeal to reach the destination. I decided to adorn a beautiful newly bought blue “Anarkali kurta” (Long cotton top) and was, of course, busy with the book in my hand. The cab reached the gate and while everyone was waiting to get down I don’t know why on earth, I decided to get down “sabse pehle” (the first one to get down from the cab). Before I could touch the ground I heard a fabric being torn and turned to see what the heck happened. A colleague of mine (who is a dear friend now) somehow was resting his hand on my beautiful kurta which was spread on the car seat like a bedsheet

The next moment the horror was so prominent in what I saw that I had no clue how to move. My side slit of the kurta was riped and I almost presented quite a catchy Govinda’s song of 90’s “majnu majnu chillaungi kurta phhaaad ke”. My Bollywood sense is a forever tingling sensation at the back of my head 🙂

Poor guy was petrified looking at my face and I turned into a wax sculpture for a few seconds. I came back to my senses when the driver asked “What happened ma’am?”, the only word I could utter was was “Nothing” and started walking. I grabbed my kurta from both hands while someone held on to my bag and phone. Went to my floor and a couple of friends ran to help. Begged every human on the floor for a safety-pin and I was all set to come out of the washroom with 12 pins in my kurta…the manager joked looking at me “Did something happened? Your Kurta looks quite trendy”.

Well, I can laugh about it today but back then all I wanted was to vanish from the cab in a blink of an eye.


This next one, I have a feeling must have happened to quite a few of us here for sure. 

We were out for a club-hopping on a Saturday night and my bladder was giving up on me. My vision was getting blurry with the pressure on my bladder and I mistook the bowtie sign (seriously?) for a men’s washroom as a bowtie(head accessories) for girls and barged in.

The moment I entered, I froze as I saw this man with specs (yeah, golden spectacles, I swear) washing his hands and staring with such confused facial expressions, next moment my friend (besties never leave you alone in embarrassment) walks in and now this man is sweating with the confusion that he might have walked in a women’s washroom.

He ran out and after one quick look at the washroom, we knew it’s for another gender. We came out and I couldn’t hold my laughter. Amidst all this I forgot to pee, we promised each other never to speak of this ever to anyone.

Spent some time there and while waiting for the cab on the street outside, we saw the same man waiting for something or someone? ? Our cab came, I gestured sorry and he smiled.

The writer in me feels like this could definitely be one of the ways, my imaginary characters of the “not-yet-written-book” can meet, what do you say?

We moved on and made a pact to never speak about this. Unfortunately, the pact is broken because my partner in crime has already confided in her partner and so have I now.


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Reader Comments

  1. It is so brave of you to share moments like these through your blog. We indeed had moments like these and laugh about it later. One of the best reads today tickling everyone’s funny bone.

  2. You are a brave soul Kavita.Loved your sense of humour and Anarkalis are totally af fault here ,not you.A wonderful read I must say.

  3. Oh yeah, we all have those in our lives! I remember when a colleague was drying her hair in our office loo and a senior male colleague walked in by mistake. We laughed for days about it!

  4. This was hilarious Kavita. I could actually imagine the whole scene of the cab and the restrooms. The horror you must have felt with Kurta being ripped like that. This post made me think of the instances when even I have faced such embarrassment.

  5. Must say all the incidents did make me giggle and I am sure your stories can pave way in your book and we all can have hearty laugh. Go on ans start consolidating such incidents at one place. I am still imagining 12 safety pins and then the title trendy kurta :)))

  6. I had read the post before and today again had a great time while re reading it. indeed we all face that kind of situations once or more in lifetime and later on it becomes one of the most funny memory of life.

  7. wow..loved the title Kavita. And the incidences were hilarious. I could just visualize your expressions in those situations. Sometimes, such moments become sweet an funny memories later.

  8. Hahha…I still remember one such incident that happened with me after I was flaunting my Anarkali…I can understand the situation but yes, later we laughed at that.

  9. Hahaha u have shared some funny incidents which surely were a total embarrassment at that that moment for sure. Well if u speak to my husband he thinks he can write a book on my clumsiness and silly incidents

  10. Kavita, it’s amazing that you can so easily laugh at yourself. It’s a rare and precious gift. Poor guy and poor kurta is all I can say now! 😉

  11. Same thing happened with me once with my bottom and luckily i was near a mall and rushed to buy new clothing to save myself from embarrassment. It happens and we should act smartly at such moments.

  12. Haha.. All of them are quite hilarious… Once even I barged into the man’s washroom and was stunned but acted as if it wasn’t my fault.. The sign outside wasn’t clear and walked out with grace

  13. ha ha… both very funny situations that one can laugh about later…but I am sure terribly embarrassing when they happened!! Glad that the guy who almost tore your kurta is now a good friend!!

  14. haha…i laughed out loud reading about your experiences! Im glad you were fine, but these are so cute! this will be a fun series to follow.
    lets have a photo of the trendy kurta i say!

  15. Ha ha , that was indeed funny, all I was thinking was your embarrassment when you encountered it, and could relate with so many similar embarrassing memories that I keep sharing with my son.

  16. Haha… This was a good read for the weekend. I got nostalgic about my girlfriends and how we ended up in hilarious situations. The book situation too sounds promising. Looking forward to this one,

  17. Ha ha indeed both incidence are good enough to tickle our funny bone but I could only imagine that how you must have felt when these things happen? indeed it was a funny read of today, looking forward to read more such stories from your side.

  18. Hahahaha that was quite a story. Yeah I keep telling my kids about my embarrassing stories (according to their age) and my stories of confusion. They have a hearty laugh. They know I’m a normal human being and not a super hero.

  19. Ooo I love that potential meet-cute situation of being in the wrong bathroom. You should definitely write about that!

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