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How to Raise an Active Child in Today’s World- From a Real Mom

How to Raise an Active Child in Today’s World- From a Real Mom


Every parent wants their kid to be healthy and happy. However, raising an active kid is not an easy job in the era of the internet and video games. With the pressure of studies and lack of open parks around high rise buildings, keeping kids active becomes even more challenging. Too much screen time and not enough physical activity significantly adds to the problem of childhood obesity.

As per my experience, every time I go for a walk, my little one is equally excited to step outdoors,  and when I work on my laptop, she too wants to watch cartoons on some electronic gadget. We all know that kids observe everything. Parents play an important role in helping their kids become more physically active. Today, I will share a few pointers to help you raise an active child in today’s world.

1. Healthy Diet

Healthy foods help in building stamina and increase the energy levels of our little ones. Including fruits and green leafy vegetables is a must in a child’s diet. Set a routine and make sure that kids eat at least one fruit each day. My little one absolutely loves fruit, whether it’s banana or papaya. Milk, however, was another challenge altogether. Not many kids willingly eat what is served on the plate and to overcome this, it is important we give them the required supplements to fulfill their body’s nutritional need. V-Nourish is a nutritional supplement drink for kids that aims to provide wholesome nutrition. The brand was created by a father, who is also a food researcher and developer, for his children. Kids love all things tasty, while parents are always focused on giving them balanced nutrition for growth and development.

2. Outdoor Play

Never underestimate the power of outdoor play. From running on the grass and climbing trees to swinging high up in the air and jumping in muddy puddles, these activities are good for kids. Outdoor play can also improve social skills in children. Kids are naturally drawn to playing outside and all we have to do, as parents, is to help them continue this good habit. It allows them to explore the environment and also develop muscle strength and coordination. Playing outdoors helps in increasing flexibility and gross motor skills. In order to maintain good physical health and development, it is really important to let kids play outdoors, as often you can.

kids playing outdoors

3. Limited Screen Time

With the kind of Internet or social media exposure, our kids face nowadays, keeping a track of screen time is becoming more and more difficult. We all know that too much screen time is bad for a child’s psychological well-being. It is advisable to keep TVs, computers, and video games out of children’s bedrooms and make sure to turn off screens during mealtimes. Set clear guidelines on how much time your kid can spend watching TV and using the computer.

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  1. Being a mom myself I totally agree with you.. for now with my 18 months old I am trying to figure out how to keep him calm for at least few mins

  2. It is time we realise that there is a world beyond gadgets! Outdoor activities are important for a child’s growth. It is a lot more fun. #myepicareads #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Raising an active kid is very important. Outdoor plays whenever possible is very important. If child spends.a good amount of time outdoor, automatically they won’t feel the need to sit in front of the TV. Playing outside gives them a dose of fresh air.

  4. Very useful points
    I am glad my kids play outside daily and I have restricted TV time too which they agree too and I believe in cooking homemade nutritious food daily for them.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa

  5. This is a well written and useful piece. I agree with the tips you have suggested as I too have an active child. Thanks for penning this down. It will help many parents.

  6. Strongly agree with your thoughts, raising a well behaved and healthy kids indeed becoming tougher in day to day challenge, as a parent I will leave no stone unturned to keep my kiddos fit physically and mentally both, thanks for sharing.

  7. No matter how much I agree to all of them, limiting screen time is the real challenge. Though I have limited the screen time of my nephew, it becomes difficult when I have juggle between the office and home.

    This is a great and helpful post. I like it how you convey so much in so li’l words.

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