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For Dads-To-Be And New Dads…Thank Me Later!

For Dads-To-Be And New Dads…Thank Me Later!

A tired and sleep deprived mom and a cranky baby is a complete nightmare for any Dad to handle.

Here is a sneak peek to our one such night’s conversation:

The Little one was 4 months old and she took an oath to test my patience with her high pitch of crying that day for no apparent reason (Yeah! now I know, sometimes they just cry for literally no reason). It was the third time on the same night around 3:30 a.m. that she woke up again. I was on the verge of crying and saw my dear poor hubby standing at the door (read a little more and you will realize why am I calling him poor)

Baby: Crying and crying and crying

Dad (rubbing his eye): Should I prepare top feed again

Mum (not looking at hubby): Yes

Dad: how much?

Mum (a little angry): The usual

Dad (Sightly confused and a tad bit scared to ask): hmm… 90 ml, right?

Mum (Anger, frustration, and tiredness at its peak): Yes

Baby: Crying and crying and crying

Dad (Really scared to ask anything but decided otherwise): Did she not sleep at all? Did you check her diaper?

That one statement was the last nail on the box. Tears started flowing uncontrollably.

Mum: You please go to sleep and leave me and the baby alone. just go to your room and sleep. (He snores and I can’t take a risk with my little one’s sleep so, he sleeps in the other room)

Dad (Really confused, stood there for some seconds and then turned to bring bottle feed for little one)

Mum (Took a glance at dad): Are you seriously going back to your room? I am going to kill you I swear.

Poor dad didn’t say anything, picked the little one and gave a kiss on my forehead. I hugged him (“waterworks” was still there) and realized amidst our conversation little one decided to be quiet. She was giving this toothless smile while looking at both of us.

Taking care of a newborn is hard and it takes all the patience in the world to bear that crying at an ungodly hour. Here are few tips from a mom (to all the dads-to-be and new dads) who have survived through an ungodly hour of crying and is still counted as a sane human being:

  • I understand you must be confused with the “micro-second changing behavior” of your once an Oh-so-loving wife but its normal. Believe me, as much as you find it difficult to understand her behavior, it is equally challenging for your wife too.
  • She needs your attention and time, more than the baby and I am not exaggerating. Post-delivery people pay much attention to the little one and new mom feels sidelined many a time. It is you from whom she expects the most.
  • Not only be there for her but tell her this in person every once in a while. She wants you to hold her hand and make sure that you utter these words, it really makes a difference. When our whole world turns upside down, we need to be sure that you are there for us.
  • Sudden surprises never hurt anyone and I am sure women love it. Give her alone time. Take care of the little one for an hour or a two and give her time to breathe freely. Believe me it works like a charm and moreover, you get time to bond with the baby too.
  • You are the best dad in the world and she knows it too. I understand post office hours it must be difficult for you to be available emotionally or physically but this is the time to be a team. Take one for the team and give her a little space too.

Add more points and share your experiences in the comments, mommies, and daddies, if I forgot any… Happy parenting!

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    1. Being sleep deprived turn us into a Mombie (mom+Zombie=scary creature):D 😀 ….Thank you for reading.

  1. It’s so hard when we are so sleep deprived. Babies are constantly growing and developing, it’s so tough being a baby. It’s so hard to be a mom that doesn’t know what to do and even harder to be a dad and husband that doesn’t know how to support his family.

  2. New Dads and Dads to be…listen up! Sometimes all a momma needs is your strong arms wrapped around her…no words, just your embrace while she cries it out with her tears buried in her chest. Not just now, but when they are toddlers, preshoolers, tweens, teens and even adults; trust me, it works!

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