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Day 2 – Man Of Few Words

Day 2 – Man Of Few Words

Theme: 7 days sneak peek into a stay-at-home mom’s life

The second day of the week starts with my preparation for an outing in the evening with my girl’s gang. Man of the House comes back from the office in the evening. We have our evening tea and he starts playing with my toddler while I get busy in straightening my hair in the washroom. Doorbell rings and one of his friends is at the door.

*Friend**Seems to be in hurry*

Prabhat has called and planned a sudden get together at nearby place lets go.

*Man of the House*

Not possible dude. Wifey has some plans with her friends for today.

*Friend**little disappointed*

Hmmm, okay. So, join us once you guys are back from that place.

*Man of the House*

She is going out with her friends and I am going to be with the baby, so can’t make it today.

*Friend* *little puzzled*

Aren’t you tired after office work and need a break? I mean shouldn’t it be the other way round as you could definitely use a drink or two I am sure.

*Man of House* *Man of few words* *smiles*

Na, I am okay but thanks, will call Prabhat, don’t worry and will catch up with you guy soon.

*Friend* *now took it on his ego* *agitated*

Well, it’s your choice and I am okay with it but I think, if we are earning bread and work so hard in office we sure as hell need time to cool off with friends every now and then.

*Man of the House* *picked the little one in his arms*

Okay, here is the deal. I think she deserves the break too as she takes care of our super active baby all day long. Moreover, a couple of drinks plan is sorted, as we are planning for a dinner outside. I am sorry to say, Man, you seriously need a brain makeover.

I came out looking my best with my handbag and saw them standing in the drawing room. Man of the house took a bottle out of the fridge and handed it to me. Kissed me on the forehead and said will meet you for dinner at our favorite restaurant.

**Smile never left my lips throughout my way to meet my besties.**

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  1. Somewhere this post is pretty much what my *man of the house* would have said to his friend. I so resonate with this nd feel equally lucky to be living in progressive times. Beautiful share – very every day, and that’s the beauty!

  2. M glad to read your post and feel you totally as at times I leave my son at my hubby’s office (he has a business) and he never says a ‘No’ ….blessed..isn’t it…

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