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10 Most Important Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

10 Most Important Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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Being a first-time mom, I prepared myself for a smooth delivery by reading as much as I can. Though to tell you the truth, reading and watching too much about it scared the hell out of me instead of preparing me well.

I wanted to be prepared for anything that would come my way, from normal delivery to C-sec. I wished for normal delivery and was prepared for it or so I thought. “Life happens when you are busy making plans”. 15 days before my due date my water broke and I was in the hospital to deliver my little one.

I prepared my hospital bag a month before my due date. If you too are a soon-to-be mom then make sure to pack your bag at least 15 days before your due date, if not a month, to save yourself from end-minute confusion. Here goes the checklist to help you out:

Important Documents

Making sure that all the important document is at one place will make your life a tad bit easier. The medical reports, forms of a hospital that you have finalized for delivery, and your doctor’s contact details should be kept in a file. Insurance papers and your ID proof. Keep this file in the bag to make sure that you don’t leave any important paper in a rush when the time comes.

Nail cutter

After taking my little one in my lap, the first thing I noticed was her nails. The result of those long nails was visible on her face, after a couple of days. Please make sure to keep a nail cutter in your bag. There are many options available in the market which are specifically made for kids, these are tiny in size and easy to use as well, choose the one that fits your requirement.

Change of clothes

Keep a change of clothes for you, if you too like me, hate to wear hospital gowns. I specifically wore an old nightgown while going for delivery which was later discarded. We packed a few comfy, cotton, loose wear for the after stay in the hospital. Make sure the clothes are easy to wear and keep in mind that you will be feeding the baby as well.

Hand sanitizer

Even though hospitals have their sanitizers in each room but I kept a few small bottles for my own satisfaction. I made sure that everyone who touched my newborn, used the sanitizer first. Keeping a tab on everyone whosoever picked her up was my task and to make sure they don’t touch her without a proper hand hygiene routine. I already saw a baby of a friend go through a skin issue because of this and which is why I was more attentive.


Towel and diapers

Pack a soft towel and few diapers for your baby. I picked up a small packet of the diaper which was super soft and was delicate on her skin. You can pick the cloth diaper as well, do a little research before buying those. I found it a little troublesome however once I got a hang of a cloth diaper for my baby, it was really comfortable for her and good for the environment too.

Update your playlist, grab a book

One thing which really helped in keeping me sane in that hospital for 4 days was my book and earphones. I made sure to listen to songs to soothe myself when all the unwanted pieces of advice were hurled upon me. Somehow, you will find the advice coming from all corners of the rooms and at times it just gets into your nerves. Believe me, a list of soothing songs can be a real lifesaver in this situation.

Lip Balm, Body Lotion/Massage Oil

Keep a lip balm, a body lotion, and massage oil for yourself. I went through a C-sec delivery, the stitches and being heavy on weight made it extremely uncomfortable in feeding the baby. But I tried my best, I noticed chapped lips in a day’s time and the reason was that I was trying to feed the baby quite often while missing on sipping water every once in a while.


Make sure to pick slippers that you can easily wear, flip flops can be a really good option. After a couple of days of delivery, I was told to walk a little every day. Flip flops are easy to wear and I bought a size bigger as the swelling on my feet took some time to go away.

Muslin cloths, baby blanket

These tiny human beings are masters in making your cloth soaked in vomit, pee, and what not. Make sure to carry few muslin clothes to handle this situation. Their skin is really delicate and muslin is the best option to be used. A baby blanket is a must in your hospital bag. It will help in keeping your baby warm. If you plan to swaddle your baby then buy the blanket/swaddle cloth accordingly.

Baby car seat

Last but not the least, baby car seat. No matter what a mother can never compromise on the safety of her family. Make sure to invest in a good quality car seat and you will be making sure the safety of your little one. There are many amazing options available for a baby car seat in the market which can be used for a really long time. Pick the one that you can use easily, fits your budget, and meets all your requirement.

Be happy mama! Soon you will be holding the most precious person in your arms. Nothing in the world will make you feel this special than holding a piece of your heart in your arms.



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Reader Comments

  1. I still remember asking my friends about what all to take to the hospital before both my deliveries!! Now again, even it’s not for me!! Hence sharing this post.

  2. I could not prepare my hospital bag, as she arrived a nice week early, however, this list is quite handy.
    it takes care of each and every possible need, thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember when I was packing my bag ..forgot many things but this list will sure going to help so many people in getting bags ready

  4. Aww, this post took me back to the time when I was packing my hospital bag and was so confused about what to keep and what to leave. This post will come really handy for all the expecting mommies.

  5. That’s a fantastic list!! Along with all these, I also carried disposable panties. And thank god I did since buying a big pack from the market costed me much cheaper than the hospital ones.

  6. Very comprehensive list and useful for a new mom. Packing the hospital bag was so exciting, I remember me and hubby buying new onesies and stuffing them in the bag. Ans my mom put an old muslin cloth in the bag, which was intact what my son was first wrapped in after being born.

  7. You have compiled the list so well i remember the excitement of packing the bag because that meant bringing the baby home soon.I kept few adult diapers and that helped me sail through the initial hassle of constantly changing my pads.

  8. Great list. Agree with each point. Though in my case I went prepared with all these items and then the hospital said they provide everything for the newborn and do not allow outside-bought stuff!= for safety reasons. So just a tip that you might also want to check with the hospital what they provide and what their policy is on this.

  9. I’m someone who is always prepared but when it came to my first delivery I was unprepared as he came out 2 weeks early. But I learned my lesson and had a very similar bag ready for my second delivery.

  10. That’s a very helpful list. Sometimes new moms don’t know what to pack and they pack so much.
    One experienced mom told me to pack Pacifier as well in case my new born needs it.

  11. Well that’s a great piece of informational for also would be mom. Wish I had such list while I was packing mine 2 years back 🙂

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