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Funny Things My Little One Has Said – Childhood Is A Bliss

Funny Things My Little One Has Said – Childhood Is A Bliss

Laughing baby

I am pretty sure all parents have tons of stories to tell when it comes to funny things their kids say. My toddler is a talkative child and things she says at times leaves us to split with laughter.

There is nothing cuter than babies giggle, their wobbly walk and when kids decide to talk in their baby babble. For the longest time, we laughed about a particular word from her own vocabulary book. When she was around a year and a half she could clearly say the toughest word for her age like sandwich or Thursday but “Rajma” was always “”Ramja”.

It is amusing to see two kids talking because they somehow understand each other pretty well while the adults keep staring them in an effort to understand even a word. Moms are born translators for this baby babble, one of many superpowers they have.

“Deciphering a toddler’s language needs special skill. Fill in the blanks, jumbled words and unrecognizable pronunciations are just the tip of the iceberg” – Yours Truly!   

Here is one such incident that I can think of that might make you smile.

Kids can embarrass you anywhere and would enjoy being the center of attraction. We went to a nearby mall to pick a few things up. While I was busy buying, little one ran to the toy section. She wanted to pick one of the toys which were not on her reach.
Next thing she does, yells from that aisle “patiiii suno Zara” not once but thrice. I swear, I taught her so many things and this is what she learned when she decided to start forming full sentences.
Goes without saying that every person near that aisle had a laughter attack and little miss enjoyed full attention.

There is another time when my little one decided to make sure to remind me that mommy needs to lose some weight in the cutest way possible, you can read it over here.

Toddlers essential love of learning and persistent curiosity about the world certainly get them chatting. From asking how things work to where they come from to everything in between, toddlers are talkers. Our little ones live in a moment and say whatever comes to their mind. I remember one more incident that happened with my mom and the kid was none other than me. We can’t stop laughing every time we hear this incident from maa.

Here is another one to tickle your funny bones:

Mom was expecting my younger sister. During an evening walk, I asked her why her tummy so huge and she replied with a smile that it is a baby in her womb. I was a three-year-old and a super talkative kid (Talking part hasn’t changed much even after three decades). I came back home and in the evening was sitting quietly on my bed, which was highly unlikely of me.

Mom asked about my quiet zone and I replied so seriously “We are going to have three babies and I don’t want to share my bed with so many kids.” Obviously, mom was super puzzled. Three kids? No, baby, I am going to have one kid.

I replied well you said your tummy is huge because it’s a baby in there but dad’s tummy is bigger than yours and I have a big tummy as well. Which means we are going to have three kids. Mom couldn’t stop her laughter at my answer.

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  1. HAhaahaha this is such a funny post. I laughed my heart out. Children are so innocent and pure.

  2. Haha, had a great read with all smiles. Yes kids at times says or acts ina manner that is embarrassing for parents at a moment but later on when we think it is fun moment to rejoice child’s innocence.

  3. Hahahaha! I can’t stop laughing at the mall incident! My son says some pretty funny things too 🙂

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