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Day 5 –Little Sign Language Expert

Day 5 –Little Sign Language Expert

The Little one is learning to recognize the shapes nowadays. She keeps pointing at things and I tell her the shape. She cannot articulate few words well but a pro in sign language and can make you understand a three-hour movie with her signs (She invented these signs and expects all of us to understand it without a miss). Anyways, so here is what happened on yesterday:

*Baby V* *dancing* *rhymes playing on T.V*

Whee na b ooo (sign language)

*Me* *Smiling*

Are you singing wheels on the bus go round and round?

*Baby V* *nodding her head*

Yes (sign language, words are too precious to be used for pity reasons)

*Me* *cooking lunch and keeping an eye on her*

Good, do you like this poem?

*Baby V**Ignores my question* *runs to her room, get a book and pointing at shapes*

Mama boo

*Me* *gave a glance and back to my cooking*

Yes that’s a book baby

*Baby V* *pointing at ball*

Mama bawww  (sign language *circle*)

*Me* *busy in cooking* *smiling*

Yes, baby, that’s ball and its round in shape

*Baby V* *clapping, happy dance*

Then she goes back to her poem and starts dancing again. A few seconds later, I find her staring at me for a second.

Mama mama (sign language circle)

*Me* *little puzzled**Looking for what she is pointing at*

What is round baby?

*Baby V** pointing her finger straight towards me*

Sign language (Circle)

I burst into laughter and make a mental note to reduce a bit of weight before my little sign language expert turns into Miss talking train. I picked her up and tried deviating her mind to some other shaped by showing it in the book. But my laughter attack made her understand that she was on point when she said mom is round in shape and she kept repeating it every hour. I am pretty sure once the Man of the House is back from office he and baby are going to have a gala time with this new found “shape joke”.

This blog (Day 3) is written for #BarAThon Edition 2 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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  1. Suchh posts make me reminisce my kids and their stages of all these special things that they did! Now that they are older .. all i can do is look back!

  2. I have made a mental note to meet you in person someday, you are sooooo funny lady.
    I loved the conversation here.. goo goo gaa gaa boo boo baa baa and circle pointed towards you ???
    I must never ask that question to my miss then. Lovely post

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