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Not That You Need Any reason To Be Proud Of Being A Woman…

Not That You Need Any reason To Be Proud Of Being A Woman…

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What is that one thing you want to change if given a chance? Someone asked in a casual conversation and pat a reply came from a friend who was sipping a tea “I so wish to be a man in my next life, no jhanjhat (trouble) of this menstrual cycle I swear”. We all laughed and went to our workstation. This thought stuck with me and I went into my zone (Thanks to these zoning out moments, thought train never leaves my brain and people often think that I have lost my mind) “Do I really love being a woman?”. The thought and the conversation ended there up until I participated in #womensdayblogparty.

Even though I might slightly agree with the menstrual cycle point, however; I really don’t think so that being of any gender is a piece of cake in today’s stressful life. Always confused, extremely adamant, at times irritating, and a tad bit crazy woman is my short description. I think one should ask this question of “what to change in me” to my husband (well, I am sure there is a list but that’s a topic for some other time).

The current situation of our country, makes me shudder at times, given the fact that I am a mother of a daughter but that does not mean I am any less in love with myself or the gender that I am born in.

For all the women out there I am sure you would relate to these reasons and absolutely love being a woman:

Fragile, feminine yet the strongest, one can ever be.

I am proud of being fragile and feminine but make no mistakes when it comes to facing the tough situation I am the strongest person you can ever find. She was powerful not because she was not scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear- Atticus

Capable of breaking stereotypes and bones of pricks around us

Isn’t that true ladies? I choose to be kind because that makes me happy. But I will defend my boundaries and my loved ones without hesitation. Make no mistakes, I am fierce. – N. Hoffman

The beauty that makes the head turn

No, you shouldn’t be what everyone expects you to be. The first one who should be proud of yourself should be you and that’s what matters the most. I am proud of being a gender who makes the head turns. Get dressed, put on that red lip shade, and let’s conquer the world. Life is too short to give a damn to “what would people say”.

Daddy’s angel and husband’s headache: it is all in the way you treat us (pun intended):

As I say this, I absolutely understand the emotions of men when they are called momma’s boy and wife’s “work in progress”. I assure you that treat us the way you want to be treated and we won’t disappoint you.

The grace, the curve, and the brains.

A deadly combination which makes you the best. Believe in yourself, love the people around you but never let anyone dim your enthusiasm to live life on your own terms. Nobody is more graceful than a lady with confidence.

Love that knows no bounds:

Heartaches, emotions, and love, we go through everything. One emotion we never underestimated is “Love”. Do not waste your time and energy in understanding us (if only it was possible…). Women are meant to be loved, not understood- Oscar Wilde

One person with many personas 

From being aww adorable to oh Snap! WTH…in seconds. Yup, that’s my superpower. I travel in a public transport a lot and you can see my two sides right in the bus. One is super sweet with the person that I am traveling with and another one pops right out If someone dares to misbehave. I am proud that a woman can carry these personas without any trouble.

Going to another house after the marriage takes emotional courage

I bet that no one can deny the courage that women need to leave their house and move to another one. The emotional burden we can take is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Because I love to and know how to pamper myself

We absolutely love shopping, spending money but equally, enjoy our freedom of earning money. The happiness, rush, and fulfillment of money that we earn and then spend cannot be compared to anything.

Last but not the least the joy of being a MOTHER

How can I end this without mentioning the one feeling that still wakes me up at night? Not to mention I go through all these emotions quite often during night time (not necessarily in the same order) …

Happy – She is my little bundle of joy,

in aww – I made such beautiful human being (okay okay, we),

surprised – she barely slept for an hour, what the hell,

sleepy– this is the 4th time in a row you woke up this night, please sleep for crying out loud,

tired– I can’t take this anymore, someone take over, please…

This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty

I would take privilege in Thanking Aesha for introducing me to her blog. Visit her website – Aeshamusings read here awesome articles, which I love to read HERE.

Also, it’s a great pleasure to introduce another blogger participating in this Blog Party – Mahak, who blogs at Baby and beyond.

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  1. After I took a sabbitical from work I missed being financially independent. you have rightly mentioned that earning and spending on yourself does give us complete satisfaction. Thanks for being part of our blog party.

  2. After I took a sabbitical from work I missed being financially independent. you have rightly mentioned that earning and spending on yourself does give us complete satisfaction. Thanks for bwing part of our blog party.

  3. Wow… I love this write up.. How beautifully you have jotted down the reasons for the women to love themselves..

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