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An Adventurous Movie Date With A Year Old…

An Adventurous Movie Date With A Year Old…

In the list of all “firsts”, another one ticked on my little one’s  list.

So much discussion and research went into the selection of a movie. We wanted to go for an animation one, however, to keep 3D glasses on on a year old was not going with the plan. We settled for “Dangal” and it turned out to be a really good decision.

Well to be true, we did not decide it because of its reviews. My little music lover stops whatever she does when any song of this movie starts playing. She has learned the cutest dance moves. Her bums sway along with the beats of song and we just can not stop laughing/admiring her.

My “fast” (two years) of not going to movie theater broke as well, as soon as we decided that she is old enough to let us sit for the whole movie. I was really skeptical of this decision, considering my hyperactive baby recently found her scary monster voice and uses it for almost everything she wants. I went into the battlefield of three hours movie with my husband and three more soldiers to face whatever my little one could surprise me with.

Initial 15 minutes:

For initial 15 minutes of the movie, she was in a mute zone. It was her first experience into a dark room filled with people and humongous T.V. playing music in Dolby sound effect. She was quietly sitting and eating chocolate biscuits on her dad’s lap. After 15 or 20 minutes she slept. I was on cloud nine, it was the interval and no trouble at all. The icing on the cake was that the movie was really good and we all were thoroughly enjoying it.

Post interval a song woke her up and she started her usual dance moves. I started to panic thinking of embarrassment if she starts screaming or crying. To my utter surprise, nothing happened. We were one step ahead in our planning and bought popcorn and nachos. Oodles of thanks to these snacks my movie time was as happy as I expected it to be.

And it happened:

I was really enjoying movie time and before I could realize, my super active baby throws a half empty bucket of popcorn right at the head of the person sitting in a row in front of us. Believe me, never have I ever prayed this sincerely to be an invisible person or thought of denying the fact that I and little monster is related at all. I froze for a moment and said sorry for like five times so quickly that that person laughed a little. He looked at my little one, smiled and said no problem.

I picked my baby and she showed those puppy eyes with hands on her ear which are how she says and shows she was sorry. Well, the experience of the movie was good overall, big thanks to the stranger who could have made it bitter.

I am writing this in a hope that one day she will read it and realize that her carefree nature in childhood brought a lot of laughter moments for us …. be a carefree beautiful human being once you grow up my sweet pie, not like throwing empty buckets on people’s head sorts (LOL) ….but carefree to be happy in life….

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  1. Such a cute experience…I laughed when I read the pop corn bit hehehe….I’m glad you tried and I am sure it felt good. As a mom we constantly have to experience new things, some good, some embarassing, some that lead to a memorable blogpost like this. I am proud you…

    Glad the person on the front seat had a sense of humor 🙂

  2. My very first movie experience with my kid was an exprience, more for my hubby – he had to stand at the entrance and watch the whole movie as my daughter refused to go into the dark hall! I on the other hand, for once had the whole popcorn bucket and 2 seats for myself 😛

  3. It’s great to go to a movie after a long time. I went after 20 months with my sisters leaving the little one at home with my dad. It was the best feeling. Great article.

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