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Few Things You Should Look For Before Buying Baby-Care Products

Few Things You Should Look For Before Buying Baby-Care Products

Mega Event

Let me start by saying that I cannot get over the mega event of Johnson’s baby India that we attended in Mumbai. Being a mom I had so many questions about the rumors which were floating on the internet. I was skeptical whether the brand would discuss the elephant in the house but not only did they talk about it, they made sure that all our doubts were clarified with the right information. No wonder it is one of the best baby-care brands in the market.

We all can agree that the brand has been a part of our family for a very long time. I remember when my brother was born which was approx. 19 years ago the only brand I saw at my house was J&J.

The brand can stay at the top when they keep evolving with time and listen to their customers. This was no different, they heard what moms around the globe wanted and made some changes with their products to match the requirements of moms. They have removed parabens, sulfates or dyes completely from their products.

When we talk to experts, we understand about the products more and it gives us a relief that what we are using for our kids are absolutely safe. Not that I was ever less careful about baby care products but after this meet, I understand about the ingredients a bit better than before.

So, here are my five pointers that one should look for before buying any baby care product from any brand:


  • Fewer or No chemicals:

We all know that chemicals are bad for anybody’s skin and when it is a matter of babies then we have to be extra careful. Chemicals are generally used for color or strong fragrance. Milder or no fragrance with transparency in color can be one of the good reasons to buy the product.

  • Suitable for baby’s skin

Products must be hypoallergenic and soft on baby’s skin. Look for products that are clinically proven mild for baby’s skin. There are so many brands in the market that you can choose from just read the labels. Products should be mild and shouldn’t make your little one’s skin dry.

  • Test it first

If you want to try a new product for your baby, then opt for a small bottle. Use it at the back of the palm and leave for a while. I always use the product on my first and then use it on my little one, just a mom thing.

It is always better to read the label of the product before you add it to your shopping bucket. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to understand the terms mentioned on it but here are few things that you can understand easily:

-It should be paraben free

-It should be phthalates, sulfates

Above mentioned points can be used for buying any baby care product you wish to try. I remember during the meet one of the experts clearly mentioned that one should always read the labels on the product. I have been using few of these newly launched products from the past few weeks and quite happy with all. It is good to be vigilant, not paranoid, go with your instinct and I assure mom-instinct will never let you down.

Happy parenting mamas!


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Reader Comments

  1. I lost my trust from Johnsons products when the internet flooded with news/rumors about the brand. I immediately stopped using their products. But am really glad that they took major steps to clear the rumors and come out in open with answers. They have truly won our hearts again.

  2. It is really important to choose right products for kids. It is good to avoid chemicals as much as possible while choosing any product.. A very nice guide dear.. very much helpful.

  3. You have a valid point here Kavita, but sometimes companies also play rude jokes on customers. Not all can read ingredients properly and understand the scientific terms properly. That’s the time word of mouth comes in place or promotions play a role.
    Hope it becomes fair world for all, and we can get rid of cheap practises from all skin care or daily need products.
    d recently posted…5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your TeethMy Profile

  4. I still have doubts about the brand. Moving to the post, I agree with you natural skin friendly products are much appreciated. Good guide for many parents who are confused on choosing right products for kids.

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