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Here Are Quick Self-Care Tips For Mothers

Here Are Quick Self-Care Tips For Mothers

Hello reader, this part of the world is enjoying the winter season which means we have been soaking in the sun and working on developing healthy habits, and keeping my kids busy at home.

Being a mom, building a strong immunity is my priority. My experience from both my pregnancies has taught me that a mother needs equal rest as kids.

There are a few things that I especially paid attention to and would love other moms out there to know. I hope these points will make your motherhood journey all the more relaxed and enjoyable.

  • Keeping well hydrated

I decided to breastfeed both of my kids. However, the first time it was quite a challenge. The lack of lactation consultation and then not drinking enough water made my life a tad bit difficult. So the second time around, I kept myself hydrated well. It also helped in maintaining my overall health. I experimented with some health drinks too and kept my focus on the proper liquid intake that takes care of hydration in my body.

  • Sleeping when the baby sleeps

Easier said than done, I know. But believe me, when I say it is indeed possible if you have a strong support system and more helping hands. Early motherhood is exhausting and seems like a phase of endless sleepless nights. However, with my past experiences, I knew that squeezing short naps during the afternoon with the kids is the only way to feel a bit less exhausted. Weekends were more relaxing as the man of the house used to take charge of little one’s naps and I used to get to have a longer sleep schedule.

  • Smile often and keep the stress away

I am taking in each moment and treasuring it. From bump to a newborn, each moment is precious for us. I am blessed and full of gratitude.  Listening to music or reading a few pages of a novel often helps. To be honest, a long hot bath is incomparable to anything at any phase of motherhood. it is only with time I have decided to delegate responsibilities and stop my one-woman-show attitude, for good.

  • Cooking easy meals full of nutrition – take care of your vitamin/mineral intake

Paying more attention to my health and what I eat has done wonders for me. Good physical health also helps in keeping good mental health[1] and vice versa.  I make sure to eat nutritious meals every time I eat.

I make weekly meal charts and make sure to follow them to the T. This has helped me feel more energetic and kept my mood swings in check (up to an extent, wink wink).

I have also added Limcee vitamin C chewable 500 mg tablet. It is an integral part of my diet too, prescribed by my doctor based on my health condition and eating habits to meet the demand for vitamin C for my body.

I made a lot of changes this year. One of the major changes was to keep my health as a priority too along with taking care of my kids. . Focusing more on proper intake of nutrition is a must when you are a mom.

Do not forget to share what has worked for you the most as a mother in the comments.

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