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Caught Up Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Caught Up Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Have you ever fallen for someone head over heels? Do you believe that love at first sight exists? Is it possible to love someone so much that it actually hurts physically when they go away?

I have not experienced the second situation but first and third I can connect with emotionally. Coming to terms with the situation like break up was not easy especially in the age when you were stupid enough to make sure that your life revolved around that person. Maturity comes with age and so does your active brain cells (pun intended). It takes time for you to realize that life needs many other colors of relationship to feel complete.

I once asked a friend “who is your best friend?” and the reply I got was “I don’t have a best friend, I have a set of friends and each group has its own individuality“. It didn’t make sense back then but now I realize how true it was.

A human being is a pretty intelligent species. We all have friends and we all know which one would understand which prospect of your life. We all get affected by the judgment of society and have the escape door that gives us a breathing space.

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A Hollywood director once said “A girl and a guy can never be friends” and I believed it until I reconnected with this school buddy of mine. This friend of mine was immensely dear to me and we spoke nonstop. From mail to chats to calls, nothing was less interesting when we spoke to each other. He spoke about his college life and the girl he was planning his life with and I poured my heart out about a guy I was madly in love with. He knew about every change and step I took in my life, from the job to my engagement shopping and I knew about every minor change in his life that affected him.

One fine day things stopped being the same and everything was different. I got to know through a friend that he got engaged and will be married soon. I was hurt and confused, I thought we shared a relationship where we understood what one meant for another. We went I separate ways and I never really understood the reason behind that abrupt ending of what we had.

I still am not sure what happened or what made things change so drastically. The conclusion I often come to is, one has to be away from a person to create a space for someone special in their life and it made no sense because all this while we had our separate love lives.

The second theory I have is human nature is unpredictable and does not work in the same pattern. People are different and so is their way to cope up with things.

Love is an unbearably complex yet the most simple feeling on earth. It has many forms, from a mothers love to a couple madly in love with. From a best friend to a pet lover, no two are same and that’s the beauty of this emotion.

I contemplated gazillion times whether to pen down thoughts about life or not and then realized the only way your readers can connect is when the emotions are true.

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  1. Breakups are always difficult. But what is more difficult to deal with is when friendships end. We always need a few friends to stand by us both in good and bad times. It is hard when they drift away for various reasons.

  2. I had a best friend since I was in kindergarden. Then she shifted to another part of the city and eventually one fine day she stopped talking. Never knew the reason and I still think I need closure for that chapter of my life. Strange how relationships can change in a moment!

  3. That was something, Kavita… Sometimes people just go, without any notice, without any update.. and we do wonder if the thick bond we shared was some kind of miscalculation from one’s side.. naice and a light read.. liked reading.. 🙂

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