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Demons Of The Mind Often Feed On Your Negative Thoughts

Demons Of The Mind Often Feed On Your Negative Thoughts

Overthinking invites the trouble which is not there in the first place.

My mom used to say that we should always speak positively because once in a daytime maa Saraswati sits on our tongue. Which means once in a day whatever you say or think will come true.

I would be lying if I say being a kid I never wished for materialistic things and kept repeating it intentionally. This was her way of keeping the positivity in us intact. I believed in it for a really long time. Somewhere in my heart I still believe this and refrain from saying anything negative. Such is the power of fear I guess (Irony, isn’t it?).

It is a human tendency to think negative when we face an uncertain situation.

This chapter of my life will tell you the power of negative thoughts:

I was desperate for a job change and applied in many places. It had been a dry spell of jobs for a really long time for me so when I got this job I grabbed with both my hands. I ended up compromising on the job profile that I always wanted to work on but I didn’t give up. I kept on applying for that particular role and rejection never stopped coming my way.

Rejection is a perfect recipe for crushing the confidence one has and I too was a victim of that. After months of applying, I finally found one opportunity and jumped with joy. Prepped me with a possible question and interview rounds. By the time I hit the bed I was tired but my mind just won’t stop thinking. I couldn’t sleep the whole night and kept thinking what if I fail again. Sun came up and my energy to get up from bed went down the drain.

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I wasn’t sleeping but my body stopped responding. With so much of negative thoughts in my mind, all I could picture was defeated me. I wasn’t prepared for another rejection and ended up missing the interview. Later I got to know that there were only 2 experienced people who were shortlisted for that job and I was one of them. Mom’s words kept ringing in my ear for days and I made sure to keep reminding myself of this situation every time I hit a rock bottom.

I don’t know whether I could have cracked that opportunity or not but I do regret not trying. That became a lesson for me. I learned my lesson hard way. That’s when I realized the power of negativity and the demons in our head.

The next post of A2Zchallenge will open another chapter of my life. You can read my previous post on this challenge here. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!


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  1. Brilliant! I cannot tell you how much similar this is to one of the incidents of my life. I realized the adverse power of negative thoughts the hard way too. I’m slowly trying to transform my thought process and I can safely say, it is not easy. In an other attempt to get over the demons of negative thoughts, I’ve been writing real life success stories based on law of attraction for this AtoZ challenge. Please drop by sometime 🙂

  2. That is a motivating post Kavita. There have been numerous times in my life when I haven’t tried something new just because of the fear of failure. And I do regret it now. But then I also realised with time that one shouldn’t cry over spilled milk and re start again. Positivity does bring in opportunities and happiness. Keep going !!! Loved your post and could resonate with it .

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