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What Is The Importance Of DTP Boosters In Kids?

What Is The Importance Of DTP Boosters In Kids?

Importance Of DTP Boosters In Kids

As new and first-time parents, we were happy, excited, worried, and emotional all at the same time. Like any new parent, our initial lessons and preparation on parenting took place via Google or some famous online platforms. I was pre-informed about a lot of things when it came to my little one but one that took most of my time in reading and understanding was vaccinations. And now as an experienced parent, I am learning anew about booster of vaccines.

Our little one recently got the fifth dose of the DTP booster vaccine as she is about to complete 5 years in a couple of months. Now that I have been through this journey and learned a few things along the way, I want to share this with as many parents as possible and hope it helps in finding some answers about vaccination. Today, we will discuss DTP boosters and, the whats and whys of it.

What is DTP Booster?

By definition, DTP vaccines are a shot of medicine that helps protect your child from diseases like diphtheria (dip-theer-e-uh), tetanus (tet-nuss), and pertussis (per-tuh-sis) or whooping cough. Diphtheria and pertussis are spread from person to person whereas tetanus enters the body through cuts or wounds.

The Importance of DTP Boosters

This vaccine provides immunity from three different infectious diseases. The DTP is often given as part of a combination vaccine. It is a part of the standard vaccination schedule.

It has been observed that even after 3 doses of DTP vaccine, the protection level is only 80%. Hence, it is prudent to administer 2 boosters for better protection against DTP. Children in the age group of 4 years are given DTaP (full strength booster), and adolescents in the age group of 9-13 years are given Tdap (reduced strength booster). These vaccines give you long term protection for Tetanus too so you don’t have to take it every year.

When should these be given?

Every child should receive five doses of DTP vaccine. The first dose should be given at 2 months, the second dose at 4 months, the third dose at 6 months, the fourth dose at 15-18 months, and the fifth dose at 4-6 years. After that, adolescents need to be given a booster dose too.

In the current scenario, where lockdowns are still in place or have ended in other places, but people are hesitant to step out, parents need to remember that they cannot afford to miss vaccination boosters for their children.

At home, they might not be socializing as much, but with time their immunity weakens and unless booster doses are administered, children are not fully protected. At the same time, they are the reservoirs of infections themselves. Which means other family members are at risk. Thus, younger siblings and elderly grandparents at home are at equal risk.

Parents must talk to their doctors and arrange to get the booster doses for their children and adolescents.

Be more careful when you step out of the house. Please use all the precautionary measures to stay safe in the pandemic and get your child vaccinated on time. Stay safe and let’s keep our kids healthy too!

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow loved the way you conveyed all that information! I will surely be sharing this post with my cousin for my nephew. Will surely be keeping those 5 doses in mind. Thanks

  2. I did one post on child vaccination to create awareness around child immunization. After reading your blog, I feel we need to now and more so create awareness around the fact that while COVID-19 is fatal, but the fear of social distancing should not lead us to miss our children’s immunization schedule. DTP and Measles are MORE fatal than COVID-19 can ever be!

  3. Yes actually many times we as parents are so conscious of mandatory vaccines but when it comes to booster doses we become complacent and may ignore it. Thanks for you post I will check if my son’s all booster doses are done and none are due.

  4. Vaccines are probably the only way to ensure our kids are safe. I have given DTP to my son. I am not sure if the booster was listed in his chart, will ask the doctor about it.

  5. Immunization is really important and especially for kids. This is really an informative post and importnat topic of discussion. We follow the vaccination chart as given by our child’s doctor, He is now due to DTap which we will not miss too.

  6. DTP booster is one of the important vaccine one should not missed. You have dhare a well researched detailed view on it..

  7. In Corona crisis DTP booster vaccine is delayed as parents are confused as well as worried about it. This post clear many doubts and I must say vaccination should not be delayed

  8. Vaccination is very essential, should not be delayed. This article is very useful for spreading the awareness and importance of DTP vaccination. Very well explained!

  9. Vaccinations shouldn’t be delayed since at this time immunity in kids is the only protection they have. Booster shots are just as important and must be given as per schedule.

  10. DTP is one of the most important vaccine that protect our kids against deadly diseases. I need to gather more information about booster dose of DTP for adolescent and adults. Thanks for sharing this important reminder.

  11. This post is apt for new parents. I personally feel that boosters are very important and should not be ignored as it can have some major consequences.

  12. Booster vaccines are really important and mandatory for our little ones all the parents shouldn’t miss this out… Thank you for sharing for this current situation

  13. Immunization is very important for every kid’s well being. Here in USA it is mandatory for us to to provide the updated immunization record in the beginning of every new school year, and this year even if most of class lea will be online, schools still need ya new copy of the record. Parents sometimes don’t underwhelmed importance of vaccination and if they get it done then also they sometimes miss the booster dose.

  14. Timely booster vaccines are very important. I know a lot of parents who don’t take it seriously and happily delay without understanding the consequences.

  15. These are very important vaccines to prevent serious diseases. Your article definitely helps new moms who are contemplating if to take their kids to vaccinate or not

  16. That’s very important that parents should not further delayed vaccination in the current scenario. As stronger immunity keeps diseases at bay. Talking to Pediatrician will definitely eases this process

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