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Scream Monster Mode On – Toddler Tantrum!

Scream Monster Mode On – Toddler Tantrum!

“Go back to sleep it is a dream” I closed my eyes and repeated it twice, opened it again and realized it is not a dream. My year old little cutie pie is turned into this little aggressive, screaming toddler. I have no clue what happened in a couple of weeks’ time.

Being a mother is not a part-time job or a full-time job. It’s an overtime job (just read it on #GoodNightLaughs). I use to happily part my wisdom (just a year old into a battlefield named motherhood) to “soon-to-be moms”. Taking care of a newborn for initial three months is toughest then it starts getting better day by day. Oh man! How wrong was I…?

My toddler’s sudden behavior change took me by surprise. Once again internet was at my rescue. I read, it is normal for toddlers to behave in such manner and we should keep calm while dealing with them. Easier said than done I have never realized the importance of this saying up until now. She tests my patience each day.

Please feel free to add more points in my list of “reasons of screams” in the comment section below for me to be prepped for future or if you relate with any mentioned point:


As much as I like to make her happy and let her live like a caveman, I, unfortunately, cannot. Each morning is a session for me to loose few grams of weight with the wrestling to put clothes on her. My liking of shopping for her clothes is equally proportionate to the disliking of her not putting them on.  Her intensity of scream increases with each piece of clothes which is one of the reasons I hate winters.

Bath time: 

This habit of her to throw tantrum at bath time is not new for me. I know from whom she has got this habit from. My dear beloved hubby hates to take a shower on weekend and have a beautiful rebuttal for it too. He proudly announces that he is concerned citizen and cares for Mother Nature, which is why he is saving water and not wasting it by taking bath on weekend.

Mom Addiction:

My munchkin is currently into a state of mom obsession. She won’t leave my hand to come what may. She recently started walking but seems I need more practice than her. Even if I leave her hand to put on my shoes all hell breaks loose. My ears continuously beg my hand to not leave my baby’s hand.

Ta ta ta ta ta ta:

Anything and everything can be said in this code word and if I don’t decipher it within seconds of it being said I will be under the attack of scream monster. I am patient and calm for the whole day and by the end of each day, I think it is too much to handle, however, I don’t know where all my worries vanish the moment I see her cute, adorable face while sleeping. 

There is much more to write but seems my little scream monster is looking for her mommy in her sleep.

A half asleep smile on her face in the morning charges me up for another day of mom duties.



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  1. My son is going through a sleep regression and is fighting sleep and naps every chance he gets. I agree with you…definitely testing our patience! I don’t have the babbling yet, but I feel it’s coming…

  2. Good luck to you mama! I have a 2 year old boy and can relate to everything you said here… hoping it gets easier for ya.

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