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What Is The Importance Of DTP Booster Vaccines For My Preschooler

What Is The Importance Of DTP Booster Vaccines For My Preschooler
Dear readers, hope you are staying home and staying safe.

When the pandemic hit us in the early months of this year, none of us were prepared for what was to come next. I was excited for extra time with the family yet terrified of how this virus was spreading across the globe. Now, as we are in the last month of this year (still in our homes) and learning measures to keep our family safe, there is a lot that has changed and a lot that we have learned.

I am pretty sure moms around the world would agree that staying at home for months with kids needs another level of patience for a mom. Although, at my home, we are coming to terms with some rules to follow when it comes to studies and cooking (oh, so much cooking), yet I can’t deny that this year has taught me so much about how to keep our health on priority.

For me, the biggest learning was to keep my focus on building strong immunity and following all hygiene rules with extra attention. When the entire world was announced to be staying inside their houses, my concern was vaccination and a trip to the pediatrician’s office. We knew the importance of vaccination, especially the booster doses, and didn’t want to delay the vaccination due date. Upon visiting the doctor’s office, we got into the discussion of DTP booster shots and how imperative it is for my preschooler’s immunity. If you want to understand what DTP booster vaccines are, then you can read a bit about it on my previous blog. (link)

I am going to share a few things that I learned via this visit and why I am convinced that booster doses of vaccines are the best thing for my young child.
  • Booster vaccines can be described as a kind of a “reminder” to your kid’s immune system and help in building strong immunity. These shots are follow-up vaccines given at a designated time after the initial series of that vaccination was received.
  • We know that the DTP vaccine is important because it is the best way to prevent diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. However, a booster vaccine or booster dose is equally important as it is a re-exposure to the immunizing antigen after the initial immunization.
  • Without booster shots, the protective effects of some vaccines can begin to wane, leaving your child more exposed to potential disease. However, by keeping a child up-to-date with his or her booster shots you can ensure that he or she will be protected against vaccine-preventable illnesses and infections.
  • We can’t deny the fact that vaccines, both primary and booster are safe and effective and they have made many dangerous childhood diseases rare today.


I understand there may be some concern or confusion that parents face when it comes to vaccination with booster shots. However, we must not delay this booster vaccination in order to keep our kids safe and healthy especially when the world is figuring out the importance of health and strong immunity. If you have questions or concerns about vaccines, please speak to your health care provider and I am sure they will be able to help you make the right decision.

Until next time, Happy Parenting Mama!

Your child’s DTP booster vaccination is a must. #Don’tWaitVaccinate and know more about the Right DTP vaccine.


The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Sanofi Pasteur India. Sanofi Pasteur India bears no responsibility for the content of the blog. One should consult their healthcare provider for any health-related information.

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Reader Comments

  1. Couldn’t agree more, the booster vaccination doses are as important as the primary doses. Specially for the preschoolers,thank you for sharing this valuable information on your blog post.

  2. Vaccination should not be delayed as it is necessary for kids. We have marked the days for vaccination of my nephew so that it should not be missed. Our doctor has been cooperative as well during this time.

  3. Absolutely agree that timely vaccine is very important to avoid contraction of infectious diseases. DTP booster vaccination should not be delayed.

  4. Vaccines and booster shots are very important and not to missed for our kids. It’s for their own safety and benefit and as a parent it’s our duty to make sure they get it on time.

  5. Vaccinations are very important for kids to protect them from unwanted touble and especially the booster doses. Thanks for this indepth post. It will be quite helpful to new parents.

  6. This is quite an insightful post Kavita. You are right here. Most of us get a little laid back when it come to booster vaccinations. This is a great reminder for moms like me. Thanks for sharing such a helpful information.

  7. You are quite right. Parents are usually very particular with the first doses of vaccines but become a bit lax for the boosters. It also happened with our first one. I think we were almost a year late! But now with my twins, I am planning to be on schedule.

  8. My dad is infcat a doctor and we have taken care to give all the boosters, to both my kids including the DPT ones. A lot of moms tend to forget abt the booster dose, vaccination should not be taken lightly

  9. I think this post is really important reminder for all those parents who have been avoiding boosters or vaccination due to covid 19 but I think skipping booster many cause serious illness in kids, so should not be overlooked for long.

  10. Booster vaccines are really mandatory for kids to prevent from getting diseases definitely going to check with my doctor for my kids vaccine… Thank you for sharing this informative post.

  11. Yes vaccination are great help in prevention of serious diseases. Your post is great reminder for me. I will cross check with my doctor regarding booster dose. Agree there should be no delay in this aspect.

  12. Booster vaccines are very imp. It’s due for my kids and we were under the dilemma whether to step out during this Pandemic for the same. But on consulting our doc, we did. Couldn’t delay it at any cost.

  13. Parents are either skipping or Delaying booster shots. Totally agree that DTP booster vaccination is a must and should be given on time. #DontWaitVaccinate

  14. While I am no fan of poking needles into anyone for minor and treatable diseases , I do believe that vaccination can provide with protection against life threatening and serious diseases and booster doses are very important for ensuring continuous protection.

  15. Absolutely , Regular & Booster vaccine doses are what’s keeping these diseases away from our kids and we must keep the chain intact without delay on our part. Even Doctors share the same opinion.

  16. Booster doses are equally important as their regular shots. Parents often miss or delay booster does thinking that they have given their ids the regular. When it comes to immunization, parents should not feel lazy or should delay.

  17. As you rightly pointed out, people often aren’t aware of the value of booster shots. They assume since we have given the first 3, that is enough. A lot of misinformation against vaccines doesn’t help either.

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