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Things You Miss The Most Once You Become A MOM!

Things You Miss The Most Once You Become A MOM!

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Being a mom is one of the toughest roles that I have played in my three decades of life. No matter how fulfilling this role is it still has its ups and downs. It indeed is a blessing to see these little human grow but the patience one needs to go through these days cannot be taught in any other job.

My little one has taught me more management lesson than what I learned while ye working in my decade-long corporate career. If I say that I never miss the life I had before I became a mom then I would be lying. Here are few things that I miss the most after I became a mom:

Impromptu plans

Remember those impromptu Friday plans? All I had to do was pick up my handbag and head for a trip. No Sir, this doesn’t happen anymore. I need at least a week’s notice to prepare in order to be a part of any plan, even if it is just a dinner. There are no impromptu plans.

Night Outs

Oh, those night outs. Without giving a damn to the world we use to stay up all night, late night Maggie, oodles of gossip and then sleeping at an hour when normal humans sleep. Not any more people! I have my personal walking, blabbering, utterly cute alarm clock. Once she is up there is no way, I can close my eyes even for a minute which means I doze off the minute she hits the bed.

High Heels

I have a special cupboard that helps me come out of my dull day, no it doesn’t have alcohol (is wine counted as alcohol?) It has my high heels collection before I turned into a walking balloon. Not that those don’t fit anymore but the thought of running after a toddler in heels is not quite pleasing to my ears. I am an ardent fan of sneakers nowadays

Mind Your Language

I have never been someone who used to curse much but then I became a mom. The patience one needs to go through the innumerable sleepless nights, terrible twos, horrible tantrums etc. a woman has to blow the steam off. Oh boy! did I regret the first time I blurted F-word in front of that tiny human who seems to have no interest in learning any “Good Words” that I teach.


What is privacy? or personal space? or peeing in peace? I desperately wait for the weekend, no not for going out or partying but to take a bath in peace. My toddler would knock on the door continuously till I come out of it, I think she believes that I am gonna jump out of the window (not that I haven’t thought about it ever). You want the attention of your toddler then just pretend to rest for a minute on a couch and see the real mom-baby connection.

Travelling Light

Carrying 7678998788 number of suitcases while we travel is not new for us since we became parents. Anything and everything seems important. Now that she is growing up and pretty articulative of her choices I just can’t get away with dressing her up in anything. I once had to listen to her ear piercing screams for half an hour because we forgot her Nody (her soft toy) at home. I can’t remember how many trips I have canceled just because there wasn’t enough time to do the packing.

Organised/Clean/No-Tiy-In-Sight House

Every time I clean the house while the little one sleeps, I think she takes it as a challenge to make sure that it gets way much worse than how it was before I cleaned it. I have another theory, I think my toddler knows what pisses me the most and she does the exact same thing as a revenge because I ask her to sleep.







I swear, there are days when I often feel like moving to the Himalayas and then there are days when I feel like the luckiest person alive.  Motherhood is one such experience that makes you insane yet the sanest human being ever. The selfless love that you feel for that tiny human is incomparable to any relationship in your life.




Mom of a beautiful and most adorable baby girl. I am a dreamer and a true optimist with a drop of crazy at heart. I have always been fascinated with the perpetual link of a pen and a heart. It amazes me how beautifully pen can write what heart truly believes. I am a stubborn daughter, pampered wife, doting mother and free-spirited human being. Do not forget to visit and

Reader Comments

  1. Privacy! I think I have forgotten the meaning of the word.. I wonder when I can start going to the restroom on my own. No one tells you about these changes which come with motherhood do they?

  2. Privacy! I think I have forgotten the meaning of the word..I wonder when I can start bathing on my own again. 🙂

  3. i totally agreed with your points . I am not heel fan but I am really miss rest of points . specially privacy. sometime I wish I lock myself in bathroom and sit under water tap with water on my head

  4. Exactly.. I can so well relate to each and every word you have written.. Thoroughly enjoyed your post and oh this also reminds me I have high heels too..

  5. I can’t agree more! I absolutely miss my high heels. I cannot wear high heels now, because I have to keep running behind the little man. It killed me to give away my stilettoes and wedges to my house helps – I have suddenly become a ‘flat’ person!!!

  6. High heels big time and language of course! Now that kids have started picking up words we need to be extra careful and sometimes we do end up in hilarious situations! Great post!

  7. so true i can relate with each and every point mentioned by you. loved reading it and thinking about the carefree days but still i would never trade my mom life with any thing on this earth .

  8. Such an honest post this is. I can so relate to this. The one point that I relate and keep in mind the most is language and tone in which we talk about now. Since we mothers are the ones who kids follow most, it has been one of the things that I find difficult at times. Keeping a check on everything that I say and I miss those carefree times when anything and everything could be spoken anytime.

  9. I can totally feel this post and what is travelling light!! can’t even think of it in my dreams. Lovely points and all moms must be thinking now.

  10. This is so true kavita.. I often want to lock myself up somewhere.. motherhood comes with plenty of challenges but i wouldn’t want to trade it for anything else.

  11. I totally relate to this post. When I become a mom I have never wear any high heels in my whole life. LOL! and that what I really miss.

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