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How To Make Quick And Easy Hair-Style – Tips For Busy Moms

How To Make Quick And Easy Hair-Style – Tips For Busy Moms

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Busy Mom sounds redundant… isn’t it? I am yet to find a mom who says I have enough hours in my day to complete all my tasks. There is one thing, we moms often take for granted and that is “How we look”. I hear you, moms, and can absolutely understand it. Once I became a mom the last thing that came to my mind was looking myself in the mirror. A messy bun and stained clothes became my best friend and I never really regretted it.

There is one habit which I made sure to continue even when I didn’t get to sleep whole night (all thanks to my super cranky little one) and it helped me to keep my sanity intact. I went for an evening outing almost every weekend and made sure to meet my friends. Not only we shared our hearty laughter and some tear-trickling moments but it made my life an escape from daily hustle. I enjoyed getting ready and heading out which meant I dressed up for these get-togethers.

Post pregnancy I faced real heavy hair-fall which made me look for options to style my hair. I did my fair share of internet search and found some fun tips that I have used. I am going to share few tips with you all and hope you will find it handy too:


This is one piece of clothing which is not only easily affordable but also can be used for versatile styling purposes. These scarfs come in beautiful shades and prints. Choose the one as per your choice and style it up. You can tie your hair up and cover with a scarf in case you don’t want to wash your slightly greasy hair. I use this hack quite often. Use a scarf as a headband and take your styling up a notch.

A girl with a head band

Wigs and Crochet Braid Hair:

What are crochet braids? Well, crochet braids are loose braiding hair that you crochet into your own hair using a crochet needle. There are some really gorgeous wigs and crochet braid hair available on the market. If you are new to this, then you must check it out various range and details at Divatress. They have a wide range of crochet braids hair as well which will help you make different styles without much of a work. With the help of these, you can make sure that your natural hair is safe and healthy. It can take a fraction of the time to install crochet braid compared to actually braiding or twisting all of your hair in the same style.

a girl with curly hair

Messy buns are always in trend:

Fret not if you didn’t find time to style your hair, mom’s messy bun never goes out of trend. You need to feel happy and confident. People pay hell lot of money to get the perfect messy bun and us moms get trained by our little ones, I am sure we win.

messy bun
Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

It’s a work in progress ladies, which means I am still learning tips and tricks for mastering the scarf styling or messy bun. When you are a mom, the hair struggle is most definitely real. Let me know If you too have few tricks up your sleeves for the hair styling.

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  1. Interesting post. I don’t sport very long hair, just the thought of it gives me hot flashes. I get my hair cut very very short once a year and by the next summer when they grow a little long, I usually tie them in a messy bun. And in the middle of the summer, I again get it cut. I have never tried scarves – I have many – will try this style too!

  2. I am so happy to cut my hair short and I don’t have to worry about my hair every morning or during every wash. I am going to share this with my friends with long hair.

  3. Great ideas on hair styling. Messy bun was always my option till I had long hair. Post motherhood I got them trimmed and since then I miss my long hair. Wigs and crochet hair are actually a great idea to try for some change.

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