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Day 3 – Of Ice And Men

Day 3 – Of Ice And Men

Theme: 7 days sneak peek into a stay-at-home mom’s life

*Man of the House*

I finally can make or cook something better than you

*Me**Not even moving my eye from the book*

Yeah right!

*Man of the House*

Want to bet? If I win we are buying that new Amazon T.V. fire stick

*Me* *Slightly intrigued*

Okay (dramatic pause), If I win, you’re throwing those zillion years old Tshirt away.

*Man of the House** little tensed*

Why are you after my T-shirt always, it is comfortable and I don’t see……. Alright forget it, we have a deal!

*Me* *all charged up*

So what are we making

*Man of the House** with the attitude of a superman*

I can make ICE better than you

*Me* *confused, slightly irritated and laughing*

Really, so that’s the DISH you want to place your bet on

*Man of the House* *Still carrying the attitude*


Once he was back from office post our tea -time, we selected our war weapons (bowl, water, and ice-tray). Long story short, turns out Man of the House won the contest as his ice was much clearer than mine. All youtube videos of preparing clear ice on his phone were just a prep for this day.

Sigh! It was a well-planned strategy and I became the victim. I loathed that Fire TV stick and kept singing how much I hate it, while we both selected the shows we wanted to watch with that. A combination of Ice and Man won the battle and he gets to keep his zillion years old shirt for another hundred years.

**Man of the House still brags about it that he is a better cook without mentioning the dish, I just smile in affirmation and fall for him more and more with each passing day**

This blog (Day 3) is written for #BarAThon Edition 2 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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Reader Comments

  1. Loved reading this so much!!! And it’s so true that men have such an odd love affair with old ratty tee shirts or tees that stopped fitting 15 years ago… the most satisfying thing for me ever was the look on my ex hubbys face when he came back from his girlfriends house to grab more clothes ( divorce wasn’t final) and I had cut up every single tee and put them back in his drawer. The look on his face was priceless. Him ” did you DO this?!” Me” No dear… we must need a new washer.” The look of confusion as he left was worth it 😉

  2. This is such a hilarious post… What is with men & their old T-shirts that they never ever want to throw away. I have a cupboard full of them & once in a while I sneak one out to make a dusting cloth. I hope he is not reading this!

  3. Men and ice! My husband wants the to be full of ice cubes that’ll last us good amount of time . We can never fall short of ice during a party!

  4. Just loved reading it. I swear what ever we girls wear being designer wear its pathetic for them and their gone T Shirt is their first love sometimes.

  5. Excellent article! I was smiling all the time reading it. Never mess with men when it is about ice

  6. Hahahaha..nicely written..n men seriously have some stupid connection with their old t shirts ..they are forever a part of their over filled almirah..

  7. Hahaha, nicely done! My post was on the same lines…men and their ice-fixation! And seriously, what’s this with Men and their ‘pocha-worthy’ T-shirts?

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