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Pregnancy Hormones- Husband’s Reaction (A laughter Dose)

Pregnancy Hormones- Husband’s Reaction (A laughter Dose)

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase. It makes your skin glow, hair volume increases, easily available seats on public conveyance and lot more. Pregnancy hormones play a significant role to make this phase interesting.

I was in my fifth month of pregnancy and was associated with an organization as HR. I am a person controlled by emotions rather MOOD. My near and dear ones would agree to it (I could almost hear them saying “Yes ” silently). However, pregnancy bought all the more interesting bouquet of emotions for me as a surprise. I remember it was Saturday and I was supposed to be in the office little early for the preparation of induction(introduction of the company to new joiners). I somehow didn’t get time to have breakfast and induction process stretched for 3 hours. In short, I was empty stomach till afternoon.

Have you readers seen a movie called HULK…

Whenever that gorgeous man gets angry he turns into this green humongous monster. He (the monster one) looks almost like me the only difference is, with me it happens when I am hungry and the icing on the cake was I was not hungry alone. I had a company of five months hungry monster inside me. My hunger meter went beyond control as I saw my breakfast and lunch kept on the table staring at me. As I was done with my work for that day, I decided to have breakfast & lunch in my the car while going back home.

I called my husband to pick me up from my office with a time deadline of 20 minutes (Please note I did not mention anything about my hunger). God bless Delhi’s traffic. Due to extreme traffic, he decided to pick me up on a bike as it would take less time to reach (remember the deadline part… yup he does take me seriously all the time). He reached and called me to come out of the office, as I looked at my watch he was there within 15 minutes. I packed my stuff and ran to the gate. By this time hunger monster blocked all the sensible thinking wire of my brain.

Poor Husband:

The moment I reached office gate I saw him ON A BIKE. I did not utter a word and started walking on the road with teary eyes. Poor soul had no clue what was going on as he reached 5 minutes before time. He started following me on his bike continuously asking what happened and requesting to sit on the bike. I kept walking for a while but when I saw people staring at my husband with that stink eye thinking he is an eve-teaser, I decided to sit.

I still was not saying anything to him. He stopped the bike in front of my favorite food joint. He held my hand dragged me inside and ordered my favorite roll (Frankie). I ate half of that roll in a second and tears started flowing. Finally, I spoke,  “Why didn’t you get the car to pick me up, I  was hungry and wanted to eat in the car”. (Yeah I know I am difficult to handle…kudos to my man) He looked at me and gave that lopsided smile. He clicked a pic of me and showed.

Lessons Learned:

Lessons learned that day “Always buy waterproof mascara during pregnancy because you never know when the water work starts”and “Ask what you need, husbands cannot read the mind”.

Stay tuned for more 🙂


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Reader Comments

  1. Awww that’s very sweet story. Love to read one of your pregnancy tales. Indeed we have to learn to express ourselves. Thanks for the waterproof mascara advice.

  2. Funny post. Thanks for sharing. I am sure we all have some or the other memories of this period. It is always tough for husband to balance it out..


  3. Oh God Kavita such a sweet story.May God bless you and your hubby with more beautiful stories.I was nauseaus a lot and hungrt the rest if the time.My hubby force fed me every morning ?

  4. Haha I had a visual of HULK. This was too cute. These pregnancy hormones are very funny. I remeber craving very spicy food. So I would have to eat a couple of chillies at each meal on the side of a meal that was already extra spicy…. This lasted first trimester and was very funny

  5. haha… That comparison to hulk had me laughing but I could totally relate to every word you have said. And yes, poor husband had me laughing more and also brought back some memories of the times i went ape-shit on karan because of mood swings. I think every mom or pregnant woman will be able to look back at her mood swings in a light-hearted way after reading this post. Absolutely loved it!

  6. HAHahah! That was a fun read and yes My husband had gone through sich tough times during my pregnancy days?. But now when we miss such incidents we get reason to laugh!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Really! HULK!! Ha ha. I didn’t ever have such cravings and actually regret that I didn’t make my husband run any mid-night food searches me! I enjoyed reading what your husband did for you 🙂 Sweet.

  8. Haha…so much fun ? oh no, not your situation but reading what you wrote. It took me back to my pregnancy time and the hormonal tantrums I had thrown on my husband, oh God I miss that time ? Loved this post!

  9. I too became an over-emotional person who found a reason to cry every now and then. Now its second time and I am crossing my fingers. Poor chap Husbands.

  10. Oh yes I remember well the mood swings and irrational behavior during pregnancy! Many nights my husband had to run out to a local joint and pick up whatever food I was craving.

  11. I have so many stories like this. Thankfully I was a sober girl during mine. I never had any cravings or harsh mood swings 🙂

  12. I know pregnancy makes you a bundle of hormones and does strange things to you!
    I’m not a fruit person ( well weird I know!)
    But all my pregnancy, I ate fruits and repelled chicken! And cried a lot too!
    But pregnancy is beautiful!
    Good post!

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