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My List of Gifts for “The Man Of The House”

My List of Gifts for “The Man Of The House”


The birthday of “The man of the house” is around the corner and I have been wracking my brain to find few good options for gifts. It is so easy to find a gift for women because we love everything, from jewelry to dresses and from flowers to teddy (not me, but I know many girls who do love these gifts).

When it comes to men we are left with either the expensive gadgets which I can’t afford or useless gift items that I know he would never use. Like a tie, yup, he hates tie, or at least that’s what I think because I don’t remember him wearing one since forever.

So, this year I am making a list of things or gift items I think he might like. Feel free to pour in your suggestions in the comment section below to add anything you might want to add to the list:

Officially Declare Weekend as a “No Bathing Days” in the house

By now most of you know this “The man of the house” is not very fond of taking a bath on weekends, especially in winters. Thank god for weekdays and office hours that he wants to bathe like a normal human being. Of course, I am saving water an important natural resource is a perfect line to be accepted as an excuse for this.

A Fancy Shower

My man is overly fond of showers. He simply denies stepping into a bathroom that doesn’t have a shower and at times doesn’t shy away from inventing one with all the pipes and bottle caps he can find at home. I am not kidding, he actually made one when he couldn’t find a shower in the bathroom. Man of many talents I guess.

A bed with all the pleasantness

Who wouldn’t want that, I can’t blame him. A bed that has a plug for a charger, space to keep your food items, an attached screen that magically pops out when you press a button, and a soundproof earplug would be a perfect gift item, only if I could afford it. I have a feeling that it will be a better place than heaven.

A C.D of exquisite songs like (Dil Chahta Hai or Tu Hi Meri Shab hai subah hai…)

So, a close friend can vouch for this incident. Man of the house had been scolded by a nearby neighbor Aunty for singing the songs too loud with his eyes closed. Must have been an epic scene I swear. So, a C.D. with all his favorites should do just fine and I will add a couple of peppy numbers like Dhinchak Pooja songs, just to make it a gift straight from the heart.

A confession, I too love listening to Dil Chahta hai music, apparently, C.D. wouldn’t be a bad idea minus the peppy number. I don’t know but I have a hunch that I am going to killed by a six-foot man today when he is back from office. Nevertheless, I love this man from all the atoms, nerves, and blood in my body.

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  1. Lol….I appreciate your efforts in this matter….I just went with shirts year after year for many years. I once gifted him a mouth organ (Gawddd….what was I thinking). But this year again, it was a shirt with a matching tie :-p

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