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Enough About My Single-hood Journey – Let’s Meet the Man of the House!

Enough About My Single-hood Journey – Let’s Meet the Man of the House!

Does Love at first sight exists?

Lanky, quiet, introvert and nerd looking guy was sitting in the reception area. I caught him stealing a couple of glances at me and then pretending to be engrossed in some papers he was carrying. I was in the middle of reading one of my favorite novels from Sidney Sheldon wherein he beautifully described “Love at first sight”.

Even though I was daydreaming about my prince charming and a perfect situation where we fell in love “at first sight”, however, those glances from him still made me conscious and uncomfortable.

I am a rebel since birth (I am proud of that and a little concerned as I am a “MOM” now). Almost a decade ago Delhi was a new city for me. I was adamant to make my career here with no help from dad. People I trusted ditched me and taught me lessons too. I was heartbroken, hurt and still was not ready to give up.

Initially, things that attracted me in this metro city actually started to suffocate me, but the rebel inside me was not ready to go back to the safe place my dad built for us. I fought, cried, laughed, fell ill, spent all my money, got broke, earned too well, made best friends while I was busy with all these situations somewhere in the background “You” were there.

You were not my best friend or even a friend for that matter. We just spoke occasionally. But you were there. Talking with you helped me unwind myself.

Oh, wait I have a word for this “Friend-zoned”. I think you were the first person to come out of a friend-zone (or maybe second.. Chandler came out form this scary place first and married Monica…..You know Chandler and Monica ..right???)

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I was busy looking for love while love was staring right into my eyes. You can’t blame me for that as “me” and “you” were and are poles apart.

  • * You look at the menu for 30 minutes and end up ordering “Daal makhni” for yourself, wherein for me Daal is the last thing I would eat if I am starving to death.
  • * I can talk non-stop for anything and everything (no standing ovation please!!) and you can spend an entire day without uttering a word and working/looking at your laptop (God I hate that laptop).
  • * I LOVE reading, I can literally sacrifice my sleep and hunger and finish the book I am reading (Okay!! little exaggeration, I can’t tolerate hunger.) while books work as a sleeping pill for you. In all honesty, I don’t even remember the last time I saw you holding a book.
  • * My youtube list is filled with stand-up comedy and Jimmy Felon’s show and yours with discovery or some alien/ U.F.O stuff which is really boring.

Need I say more? These are just a glimpse of how different we are but we connected and Thank God that we did. More to come about this weird couple in my next blog post.

I found my prince charming!!!

The next post of A2Zchallenge will open another chapter of my life. You can read my previous post on this challenge here. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!

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Reader Comments

  1. Such a cute post Kavita. Loved reading this.. took me back to days of our dating phase. 🙂 I think the only difference is my husband and I are carbon copies of each other in our likes and dislikes but still, our personalities are poles apart. I think that keeps this going. 🙂

  2. Lovely post.. Usually opposites attract.. Me and my man are opposite poles too.. Loved reading your story

  3. Isn’t that cute!! Me and my Mr. are poles apart too and I wonder how we have had a partnership of 7 years already without killing each other!!

  4. I do believe in the love at first sight and that is how I met my husband. We have come a long way since we met first time in college.

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