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Interesting Books Recommendation For Kids To Manage Their Emotional Outburst

Interesting Books Recommendation For Kids To Manage Their Emotional Outburst

Dear readers, the days are getting hotter with each passing day in this part of the world and we all are eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive. The major change that I mentioned in my last post is about moving houses. We shifted to a new property and everything around me is chaos, literally and figuratively too. Although, I can not deny the tinge of emotional outburst in my heart when I know that we finally have a humble abode that we can call our own in this city now.

These major changes in our life are a tad bit more difficult for our tiny humans. They often struggle to show their emotions well and when everything gets too much it all boils down to a huge meltdown. From changing schools to finding new friends and from moving to a new city to exploring new food items, books have been our savior in all of these. Here are a few books that have helped my six-year-old in navigating through her emotions and expressing them to us.

Ravi’s Roar – Tom Percival

It is a book that I highly recommend for all young kids. It is quite an engaging book about temper tantrums. The story is about a boy named Ravi who is struggling with emotional outbursts and finds it difficult to express his emotions. Ravi’s Roar explores Ravi’s place within his family and how different factors build up to Ravi losing his temper and becoming very angry (turning into a tiger). It’s perfect for social-emotional learning. It is available on Amazon and other online stores too. Although, I prefer to check preloved groups for books on Facebook and often find some amazing books at a much lesser price.

I am stronger than anxiety – Elizabeth Cole

This book was a gift to us and we absolutely fell in love with it. The book speaks about anxiety and Nick’s (the main character) journey through it all. Being nervous and anxious is totally normal, and this book helps bring some coping mechanisms to our young readers and friends. It has beautiful illustrations, nice rhymes, and an important message to kids who struggle with anxious thoughts. I am so glad I found a book that talks about anxiety for such young kids and not only that it also suggests different ways to deal with it. My elder one loves it and has already read it so many times.

Little People, Big Feelings – Pratham Books

This one is a combo and has 9 books in total. Each book talks about different emotions and problems that young kids often go through. The Nestery’s big bundle of nine is curated from Pratham’s insightful little books about little people with big feelings. This set will help your toddler or preschooler feel better when things are sad or bad, find ways to express what they have to say (especially when it isn’t easy to put words to that baggage), and own all their feelings, even the hot, prickly and soggy ones.

Be Kind – Pat Zietlow Miller

We got hold of this book last year and have read it so many times that we have lost count now. Each act, big or small, can make a difference – or at least help a friend, is something that we learn from this book. The language is quite easy to understand and the illustrations are beautiful too. It is a wonderful book for preschoolers as it teaches them to support and help their friends in need. Be Kind is an unforgettable story for young children, about how simple acts can change the world. It is easily available on Amazon or other online stores too.

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival

This was the first book we read from this author and we both (me and the elder one) found it interesting. Although there are plenty of more books on the same topic with better storylines and characters, we still won’t deny that this one would be an interesting one-time read for sure. The story is about fitting in the world, being different from the crowd, being unique, etc. The book teaches children about finding the courage to celebrate what makes them different and unique and not hiding those things away. The artwork is amazing. The story is cute. The moral is a good one.


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  1. Moving houses is always stressful even for adults. Handling kids at such time becomes so much more difficult. Reading is the best option to keep them calm. Your list of books is great, even for reading otherwise.

  2. These are some helpful recommomendations Kavita. Sometimes when it gets difficult for adults to handle, these will be great. I’m sure they are good reads for kids anyway too.

  3. My younger niece is having outbursts these days. I would love to share the books with her but she hates reading books. Are these available in audio book.

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