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Benefits of a Hair Mask for Curly Hair – Ft. Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask

Benefits of a Hair Mask for Curly Hair – Ft. Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask

Maintaining curly hair is an art. Every curly-haired person takes immense effort to maintain it. It does not just stop with cleansing and conditioning. To achieve gorgeous curls, one has to do more than this. As someone with curly hair, I have understood one important thing clearly; for curls to look defined and frizz-free, it needs something that intensely hydrates the strands and locks in the moisture. Also, the natural oil secreted in our scalp is not enough to make our hair moisturized as it does not reach the end of our hair strand. Hence something from an external source is needed to achieve the maximum level of moisture. Conditioners can be used to moisturize the strands, but twirled locks need a hair mask that can work as a deep conditioner for curly hair.

Why is it Beneficial to Use Hair Masks Regularly?

Hair masks are known to enhance the quality of hair. They can nourish the hair more intensely than ordinary conditioners. That is why these are known as deep conditioning treatments. Hair masks are known to make the hair softer, shinier, and bouncier. They add moisture to hair and hence reduce frizz while decreasing hair breakage. Altogether it makes the hair thicker and stronger.  The hair mask treatment for curly hair is best to keep the curls healthy.

Why and How Should Hair Masks Be Used?

Masks must be used as a weekly treatment. Just take a scoop of the mask and apply it to the drippy wet hair. Keep it on for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse it off. 

As I was exploring different brands for my curly hair, one particular brand caught my eye. It was ‘Curlvana’. As the name says, this brand is exclusively for curly hair, so I started using their shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in cream. I was amazed by the results. I was able to tell that my curly hair loved the products. The blend of ingredients in each product is wonderful and perfect for curly hair. This made me want to try their hair mask as well.

My Take on Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask

The name does full justice as it deeply nourished my hair. To name some of the ingredients that did this magic were Jamaican black castor oil, fermented rice water extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, etc. It does not contain parabens, silicones, artificial colors, or flavors.  And the best part is it is a CG-friendly hair mask.



Super Ingredients Present in Curlvana ?

Jamaican black castor oil is a magic ingredient for the curly mane. It reduces frizz, and dryness and makes the curls glossy. Fermented rice water is the storehouse of all minerals and vitamins it is said to strengthen hair. Hyaluronic acid, a popular skincare ingredient can do wonders to curly hair by boosting moisture in dry strands while banishing frizz. Aloe vera is yet another magical ingredient that benefits the body in many ways. It seals moisture by forming a thin layer around the hair. Overall, this mask by Curlvana increases the elasticity of the hair and gives much-needed moisture to the curls. It is undeniably the best hair mask in India.

I hope you liked my detailed Curlvana deep nourish double cream hair mask review.  Excellent ingredients enrich Curlvana’s hair mask so that it works wonders for the hair. Do not miss out on this promising product!

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