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How to plan a fun family trip from Delhi to Kanyakumari – Part 3 (Final)

How to plan a fun family trip from Delhi to Kanyakumari – Part 3 (Final)

Dear readers, hope your weekdays are productive and weekends are relaxing. I am writing this final blog of the series after a gap of a couple of months and realized how important it is to write down all the travel details as soon as one comes back from the trip. Although I am glad that I managed to write all the necessary travel details in the precious blogs for this last one, I wanted to share some experiences that will remain in my heart forever.

Visiting the southern part of India was a dream come true, for us and our parents too.Β  The sheer thought was planning and executing a journey of thousands of miles with 10 people felt like an unattainable task. From financial planning to itinerary planning, everything took months and we are so glad the trip turned out to be way better than our expectations.

The food

The experience of traveling to a different part of the country was extra special as we got to enjoy the true local flavors. Watching my family enjoy the heaps of boiled rice along with tangy rasam on a banana leaf, is an experience I will never forget. Thanks to our tour guide, aka, our driver of tempo traveler, we managed to get the best of the food available in that region.

I never knew that a rasam could be full of such different flavors and Idli’s could be way softer than any pieces of bread I have eaten so far. The aroma of filter coffee and then the texture of coconut chutney, the food made us fall in love with the southern part of India more than we expected. We also managed to have ice apples(Asian palmyra palm) which my kids didn’t find very appetizing. Out of all the shopping places, spice shopping from Kanyakumari’s local market was one of my favorites.

The people

We took a trip in the month of February this year, Since December I have been trying to book some hotels and somehow nothing was falling into place. A couple of phone calls made me conscious due to the language barrier. My whole assumption of the language barrier was wrong and we found almost everyone who could converse easily in English and not only that there were many of them who could understand Hindi too.

The driver (Suresh) needs a special mention here. He was so caring towards our parents and helped us with whatever we asked for. The people we met during our trip left a long-lasting impact and we will forever be grateful for them. One of my favorite experiences was eating in different places and finding all the hosts to be equally humble.

The scenic view

Oh, the scenic view we witnessed in Dhanushkodi and Rameshwaram won our hearts. There is no camera that can capture the true beauty of these places. It was a soul-soothing experience for all of us. The sunset and sunrise in Kanyakumari were a breathtaking experience and I will never forget the smiles on the faces of my parents during this trip.

I could sit in Vivekanand Memorial in Kanyakumari for hours and stare at the scenic view forever. There is no better painter than nature and we experienced this in this trip.

The whole trip was a dream come true for all of us and thanks to the people we met there, it became all the more special. We came back home with a bagful of memories and a phone filled with a million pictures πŸ™‚

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