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A Show Stealing Hearts of Many On ZEE5: Churails Review

A Show Stealing Hearts of Many On ZEE5: Churails Review

Drama Review

Amidst the barrage of the new shows nowadays, we often depend on the recommendations from our friends or family. I got to know about this show from a school friend who was going gaga over this Pakistani drama with strong female lead characters. Last weekend I binge-watched this drama and decided to pen down my thoughts for you all.

We have to give it to ZEE5 for constantly adding such engaging content and making sure to appease their audience with such a fabulous collection of shows or dramas.

Drama/Show: Churails
Cast: Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Meher Bano, Yasra Rizvi
Director: Asim Abbasi

The name of the show “Churails” sounds quite intriguing and brings your undivided attention toward this drama. There are ten episodes of this drama on ZEE5, each being an hour-long, approximately.

Churail which translates to witches in the English language is a depiction of women who neither give in to the unfair social norms of the society towards women nor bow down to the limits set by the patriarchal world.

Four strong female characters Sara, Jugnu, Batool, and Zubaida manage to get the attention of their audiences from their first appearances on the drama. The show is set in Karachi, Pakistan.

These four women come together to run an agency to hunt cheating men. The narrative of the story moves fast and keeps you hooked to know the characters well. The show unmasks the bitter side of the search for the truth. I absolutely love the background score of this drama and cinematography by Mo Azmi really set the mood too. After watching the resilient spirits of these women I can proudly say #MainChurailHoon


After ages, I found a binge-worthy drama with such strong women characters and yet so close to reality. The show is not men vs/ women but it challenges patriarchy and misogyny. The acting skills of all four women are absolutely brilliant.  The dialogues are so well written that these leaves quite an impact on you.

It is definitely one of a kind series to have premiered on ZEE5 originals with perfectly placed cliffhangers and indeed a must-watch for everyone.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.

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