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3 Habits that make us proud of being Xerox copy of our parents

3 Habits that make us proud of being Xerox copy of our parents

There was a statement doing rounds on the internet a few days ago “We are the last generation who have innocent mom”, Did you see it? I was scrolling through the social media when I came across a post and the comment section of that post was the highlight of the day for me.

The more I read the more I was smiling. Almost every second comment was reminiscing about the innocence of their parents or grandparents. Whether I agree with the above statement or not is a matter of discussion for some other day. But a realization was quite prominent in those comments, they all were in love with their parents and their silly pronunciation of a lot of words.

Our perspective of a lot of things changes when we become parents. Parenthood has a new meaning and we understand our parents a tad bit more than we used to. In a social media poll on my Instagram stories, almost 70% said yes to the question “Are you turning into your parents?” the next question followed “Intentionally or unintentionally?, it garnered some really interesting responses. A few of them agreed that subconsciously few habits stuck with them and it made them calmer while the others claimed to be consciously following the habits of their parents.

Here are three habits of my parents that, I believe, are making me a Xerox copy of my parents, I would love to know if any of these habits are relatable to your household as well:

The calmness of morning hours

Back in my college days, the first sound of the morning was “bhajans or artis” playing on a cassette player. The fragrance of fresh flowers and the aroma of parathas made with ghee are used to fill our nostrils. Oh, how I hated almost all of it and often used to complain to Maa to either lower the music or make something else. The current morning scenes of my place are replicas of my childhood memories. The fresh flowers make me happy and I can’t start my day without listening to some peaceful bhajans/aartis. Parathas made with ghee are my comfort food and I have successfully transferred my love of these parathas to my little ones.

The aura or the energy of the house feels completely different after we light the morning diya and fresh flowers are put in a vase. I still love listening to all kinds of Hollywood and Bollywood music but morning hours are reserved for the sound that reminds me of my childhood.

The gift of reading books

Mom’s collection of books was something that always fascinated me. Although I was not allowed to touch those as it wasn’t meant “for kids” the collection was drool-worthy nonetheless. During my school days, I was introduced to the world of Sydney Sheldon through a classmate and that made maa angry, To change my trajectory of reading I was introduced to Munshi Premchand. Well, I enjoyed reading both the authors equally and that’s when the reading bug bit me. I think those early days could be the reason that I love reading books from Haruki Murakami to Chitra Banerjee with the same interest.

My choice of books and their genres are pretty eclectic. I was adamant about passing on this habit to my younger ones and realized early on that “monkey see, monkey do” works best when it comes to kids. The book-date with my younger one is our weekly routine now, I love to see the twinkle in her eyes every time we step into a library.

Food is our love language

My love for cooking food for the people I love re-confirms the saying that “Indian moms show their love through food”. This habit is of both my parents. Unlike the tradition, my father loves to cook food too along with my mother. They both prepare a five-course meal every time, we, their kids visit them. I have inherited this trait from them and cooking a storm of dishes when someone visits us makes me the happiest.

Share your views on the topic too in the comments below 🙂

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