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How To Make Easy And Tasty Garlic Chutney #Recipe in 15 minutes

How To Make Easy And Tasty Garlic Chutney #Recipe in 15 minutes

Spicy and Tangy Chutney

Spicey?️ Tangy? Chutney Alert ⚠️

We are a chutney-loving family and there are always a couple of varieties available in our fridge. Eat it with roti/parathas or rice, chutney enhances the flavor of food.  I keep experimenting with different flavors and keep looking for different recipes on the net. Just a few days ago, I came across a chutney made of kokum and I instantly decided to give it a try. Although there were a few ingredients missing in my pantry so I gave a twist to this recipe with whatever was available at my place.

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**Garlic-Kokum Chutney**

Okay, so this one is pure “whatever is available” at home chutney that I made and it turned out lip-smackingly good ? try it and let me know if you enjoyed it too.

? Garlic
? Red Whole Chili
? Kokum/Imli
? Onion/Shallots
? Curry leaves
? Hung
? Oil
? Mustard Seed
? Tomato Ketchup
? Sugar

Measurements: Garlic: A cup of peeled Garlic and 6 whole red chilies soaked in warm water. 2 small onions and 2 tablespoons of ketchup.

I have eyeballed the Ingredients however, you can easily increase or decrease the quantity of chili as per your taste. This can be used as a sauce as well if you want to make fried rice or spaghetti. Soak the red whole chili in warm water. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan, add garlic cloves and chopped onion. cook a little and then cool it completely.

Take a mixer and add the soaked chili, cooked garlic cloves, and onion, a handful of kokum/ imli (tamarind) pulp. Grind it well. Heat teaspoon of oil and once the oil is hot add tadka. Hing, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Add the prepared paste, salt as per your taste and let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Add ketchup and give it a good mix.

Ta-da! Enjoy with pakoras, momos, chaats, or anything you wish to eat it with.

Stays fresh for good 15 days ♥️

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  1. Wow! It is looking so delicious and spicy. I love to eat chutneys. I will definitely try this one too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. wow this garlic chutney looks so easy to be made and yet so yummy. I am sure it will be zingy in taste and a perfect accompaniment.

  3. This goes directly in my bookmarks, I love making chutneys as everyone in my family loves the tangy condiments along with main meals or otherwise. This is one of my favorite, but I make differently, will try this style soon.

  4. Adding ketchup is a good twist for a slight sweetness and increasing the creaminess. We often make normal garlic and red chilly chutney, this seems a nice change, gonna try it next time.

  5. I do make garlic chutney but this one looks amazing and quick to make. You can have this with anything and that’s what I like about this. Thanks a lot for sharing.. Will try for sure.

  6. Wow! This Garlic Kokum Chutney looks so good and rich and yummy! I feel like dipping my finger in it and licking it off my screen. Thanks for this wow recipe…. bookmarking it and will try it soon.

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