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Why a house of three sisters was always a chaos yet so much fun

Why a house of three sisters was always a chaos yet so much fun

A page from my diary

Memories are a timeless treasure of the heart.

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and valuing our relationship tops the chart. I think this year, most of us would have higher phone bills than ever before. We are a big family with four siblings and our childhood days were nothing but chaotic yet so much fun. We are three sisters and one overly pampered brother. Now that I am staying in a small nuclear family set up from the last few years, I, at times miss the hustle-bustle of a big family. I miss being with siblings and fighting over tiny things.

What do you miss the most right now compared to the days when all three of your sisters used to live together? …someone asked in a telephonic conversation today and I just smiled. ❤️

Arrrrhgghhhh, it’s going to be a lengthy post, grab a cup of coffee and take a seat. There is so much that I miss and so little which I can express. I went through my old diaries and it left me teary eye.

  • The house always smelled good and had strands of hair everywhere, literally everywhere. It was full of tantrums and group hugs. You never felt lonely and fought for your side of the bed. One bed, three kids…you do the maths. P.S. I never won.

  • Period’s-week went on for a whole month and boyfriends were discussed under the blanket. Oh, the sanitary pads saga and heeps of black polybags because shhhhhh nobody should see what we are carrying. There were some months when somehow periods-god decided to bestow his generosity and all four women of the house used to have synchronized bleeding dates. (Too graphic? sorry!)

  • We learned to share and then hid our share to manipulate others. We all knew that sharing is normal and didn’t stop asking for treats unless the guest gave it to all three of us. We fought like no tomorrow and stood for each other in mid mom’s flying chappal ?. Maa should have participated in the shot put game because this woman can throw like a pro. Her brain did all the calculations and made sure she never missed her target. Oh, not to mention the guilt trip she went after that and then sobbed herself to sleep. Moms are weird…I know.

  • We brought the house down with our laughter and cried buckets on each other’s shoulder. I never knew what it meant when someone asked me to “laugh like a girl” because once I start laughing, I can give competition to those laughing Rakhshas in Mahabharata. The uncontrollable-laughter-virus was invented in our house. If one started laughing hysterically the other would follow like a good soldier and then it would go on for an hour.

  • We plotted against parents for a better vacation and became each other’s bank ATMs. We fought for the last bite of mom’s food and saved the pizza slice for the younger ones. For us, Rakshabandhan has always been a festival of giving because our little brother is a spoiled brat. I relied on my elder sister’s money when it came to “aayasshi aka faltu ka kharcha” and then I followed the tradition for my younger ones.

  • The house had just two rooms but it was enough for us to build a castle under the bed. We got scared and held each other and the next moment fought with pulling each other’s hair ?. We could never sit quiet, it was always noisy . The usual sibling’s fight of “why are you breathing in my air” was pretty much a scene of every evening.

Each morning was a race to school and tiffins were never bought from outside. We learned to keep each other’s secrets and became a champion of blackmailing. Life was normal for others but we had our own fairyland with three of us being the main leads. Patting each other to sleep or slapping each other to wake up, it was all a routine

A house with three girls of the almost same age is never boring.

This was us in a two rooms apartment.

What has changed? Well, we miss each other like crazy, and when we are together “god save the ears of people around us”

Awwwww this made me emotional, okay calling my sister now bye-bye.

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Reader Comments

  1. Lol ! The flying chapal is common in every kid… How sweet is that Kavita. Loved reading about your growing years. Even we are three siblings and have had fun growing together.

  2. I never admitted but I always miss that sisterly bond. After reading this, I wish that Perhaps I would have a sister too to share my all good and bad ideas with her.

  3. This is such a lovely story. i enjoyed reading it and living it through your eyes 🙂
    i wish id had siblings too – thechaos sounds like great fun.

  4. This blog is such a riot of fun! We are two sisters too and I can imagine what a heady mix it would have been! I remembered a serial I used to love watching years ago…banegi apni baat.

  5. I had a good laugh reading your anecdotes, especially the rakshasa laugh and pulling off hair…..I grew up in a big joint family married into one. then a nuclear family and then living alone for 16 years now. This post is like a breath of fresh air.

  6. I always miss the chaos of sisters because I am the single girl with two brothers in the house . Having a sister is blessing .

  7. Ha ha ha Kavita I had a brother but your writing is so compelling I could imagine all this action happening right in front of my eyes.. The tale of hairs and periods is hilarious yet so relatable. Synchronized periods… 😀

  8. Such a sweet post, Kavita. I can relate to this childhood dhamaal, we are three and I am the eldest sister. Younger sis is ‘gau’ as we call in North for someone who has not a single iota of rebel or manipulative in her body. Though my younger bro and I had so much fun in childhood.

  9. 2 is company , 3 is crowd but going by your post i think is looks like a girls gang script of dil chahta ha .. Ahh , Now even i have to take a deep dive in my memory lane to childhood time 🙂

  10. Such a sweet post! Took me back to the days when my sister and I spent hours fighting and playing games. Sisters are god’s gifts and the relationship is to be cherished forever.

  11. Awww.. So sweet… Lucky you to have sisters, well I have a brother and we too had our share of masti bit different but crazy ones. Now I am Missing him even more. Just loved reading your post.

  12. Aww your post has made me nostalgic. I have one younger brother and here in USA I missed him so much. Indeed siblings brings so much joy and excitement in our life and as a grown up we all missed those wonderful childhood moments.

  13. I have a younger brother and our masti was a little different than this but a whole lot of fun as well. You must be bringing the house down with your antics, I’m sure! This was hilarious to even read.

  14. Aah! This post made me do time travel. We are three sisters too and we had some crazy fun together especially after early teens. I could relate to all the things you have shared. We’d fight-laugh-gossip-scream-argue-protect like crazies… aah…. such good times and memories.

  15. Relatable! Relatable! We were a big family full of aunts, uncles and we were the only kids for years. Yet this cat and dog fight was so us. Over years we grew closer but that bickering gives us a good laugh now.

  16. Trust me I just enjoyed reading this …Only difference in my story is we are four sisters and I swear all this fun is unmatched !!

  17. Cant agree more. I have one elder sister and the memories we have shared are priceless. Late night talks or should I say khusarphusur which our mom still trying to decode. Living in a nuclear family set up, make us miss those das even more.

  18. This took me down the memory lane Kavita. Growing up with siblings is a blessing. Even though it’s chaotic, we get friends for life. I totally could relate to every incident you shared.

  19. It was such a nostalgic and relatable post,Kavita. We too are three sis and I was missing my sisters so much after reading this post. Those pillow fights , period talks, boyfriend talks….ahaaa golden days

  20. Awww.. now I am missing my sister. We are two sisters and I very well know what beautiful thing is sister’s bond. From fights to sobbing, we did it in such a dramatic way that Amma used to get mad. Super liked the post ?

  21. So much fun! I don’t know what it is to have a sister because mine left this world at the age of 3 months. I have grown up along with my brother so I know how to deal with boys hahahaha!

  22. This is such a cute and entertaining post. And so relatable too. We were three sisters too and I totally lived this post. Now I am missing my now married sisters though??‍♀️

  23. This is such a cute post! I am an only child and have always loved it when my cousins came over! I cannot imagine the wonderful chaos of having a sister all the time!
    I hope you will share more anecdotes from your life – You had me smiling throughout as I was reading 🙂

  24. I grew with one brother but I always wished I had a sister too. The only one who came close was my cousin. We had fun whenever we were together but thanks to the nuclear family setup, we never got to see each other as much as we liked. This was such a heartwarming post. Looks like you had an awesome childhood. 🙂

  25. This is such an endearing post Kavita. I have a sister who is 8 years younger than me. So I was expected to be the mature one. But with the younger one being a total riot and drama queen, we often fought and laughed. And yes the hair is still everywhere, but such a nostalgic post. The rooms were small, but the hearts were big enough and the joy was definitely abundant.
    Amritha Srinath recently posted…Nina…My Profile

  26. The hair point made me laugh out loud. When we had to do the jhaadu during the pandemic, my dad would get disappointed on days when the amount of hair collected in my sister and my room was less. Oh god – hair hair everywhere!

  27. OMG! I could relate so much to this!! We too, are three sisters, even now my hubby shudders when he hears that we are getting together. It was the best days of my life!

  28. Oo how i enjoyed reading this! Nostalgia hit hard as i have four aunts and we are next door neighbours and all my cousin sisters & me practically stayed together ❤️So miss all the chaos & unending laughter riots.

  29. Loved every bit of ur post. That point laughing like rakshahas of Mahabharata got me to pieces. Coz I am a crazy laughing too. It is hard to stop me ones I start laughing and sometime it puts me into trouble as situations are weird.

  30. Awww! I had a smile throughout the entire post. Such a cute threesome you’ll were/are!!
    Sounds like fun times, but of course with it’s share of fights et al!! ??
    Hope you had rhe chat with your sis post writing this post! ?

  31. This was a lovely post detailing the joys of living in a big family with plenty of siblings. I grew up in a small family. My only sibling was my younger sister and during the early days of growing up we were like a cat and a dog, at each other’s throats all the time. Over time my sister became my pet and I used to pamper her no end. My wife and I have only one daughter and my daughter often tells me how much she wished she had a sibling. She even told us to get her a pet puppy or a kitten but unfortunately we live in an eighth floor apartment and we can’t have pets there.

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