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How To Keep The Feeding Bottles and Toys Germ Free

How To Keep The Feeding Bottles and Toys Germ Free

How To Keep The Feeding Bottles and Toys Germ Free

Motherhood is beautiful however can’t be expressed well in words. From my experience, it is definitely a mix of many emotions. Being a first-time mom I was anxious about everything and now when I see moms of newborn babies I can understand their plight, pretty well. From what kind of feeding bottle to buy to what would be best the massaging oil for my little one’s skin, I wanted to know everything beforehand.

I think, we all want to be prepared for different situations and different mom-groups on social media often come to our rescue. One of the biggest challenges I faced when my little one started bottle feed was to keep it odor-free. I tried a million things and still, results weren’t up to my expectation. I posted this question in one of the mom-groups and got a suggestion to use Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Liquid Cleanser.

One of the best parts about being a part of these groups and writing blogs is that we can share our experiences with others and hopefully this can help them if they go through a similar situation.

Today, this blog is all about how to keep the feeding bottles and toys germ-free. Here are the steps I took to tackle the odor situation of feeding bottles and cleaning of toys:

  • Know about the product that you buy

From bottles to toys understand the quality of the product and how safe it is (Germ-free) for your baby. Favorite toys of your baby should be cleaned properly at least twice a week unless the toys get noticeably dirty more often. Always prefer to buy toys that are good in quality and are easy to clean.

Make sure to read the instructions on how to clean the products that you have bought. Bath toys and soft toys are my little one’s favorite. As easy it is for me to clean the soft toys, bath toys are another story altogether. Getting the water out from those squeaky little ducks takes a toll on my patience, relatable, isn’t it? I prefer to wash the bath toys in the liquid cleanser and then let it sundry or air-dry it completely before the next use.

Germ free

  • Don’t keep milk in it for a longer period of time

Once my little one started drinking milk from feeding bottles the never-ending saga of odor started until I found the right product for cleaning. #cleanserforgerms.  Make sure to wash the bottles regularly to remove the milk build-up. I used glass feeding bottles for my little one and absolutely loved it. With glass, I love not having to worry about harmful plastic chemicals in my baby’s system.

Make sure to safely store and transport formula and breast milk. This might be the most important thing you can do to reduce your little one’s risk of drinking from a dirty bottle.

  • Use Chemical Free Liquid Cleanser

Keeping your baby safe from sickness is a top priority, so it’s important to make sure anything going in your little one’s mouth is clean. #cleanserforbacteria as well as free from chemicals is the kind of #cleanser that you should look for.

While looking for the chemical-free cleanser I found Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Liquid Cleanser and absolutely loved it. I have been using it regularly to clean my kiddo’s toys as well. Being an ideal cleaning agent, it eliminates even the toughest formula stains, pigments, and residue of milk film. The presence of natural extracts in baby liquid cleanser leaves a pleasant fragrance from stuff.

  • Use warm water method twice a week for toys

Germs can pass on from one toy to another very quickly when the baby or others handle the toys. We stay in a high rise building where dirt and dust are not in a heavy quantity so cleaning toys twice a week is suffice the purpose. One of the quickest ways that I use to clean my little one’s toys by using a warm water method.

Take a bucket of warm water, add #motherSparsh feeding bottle sterilizer, and then put all the toys inside it. Let them soak for about half an hour. I use a washcloth or toothbrush for proper cleaning of small toys. Rinse it properly and then leave it to dry, ta-da!

Here is a bit more information about the Mothersparsh liquid cleanser that I absolutely love and trust:

I have been using products from this brand for quite some time now. First of all, these are absolutely safe for my little one as it is chemical-free #naturalbabycleanser and secondly, it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket.

  • The natural liquid cleanser comes with a presence of plant-derived ingredients like green apple and basil which are highly effective in eliminating milk bacteria, removing tough stains, and odors from baby feeding bottles, nipples, and other accessories.
  • This product holds anti-bacterial properties that kill harmful bacteria with natural ingredients.
  • It is absolutely free from harmful toxins, Paraben, Sulphate, and synthetic dyes which makes it a clear liquid cleanser or any other potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • The ingredients used in the liquid cleanser to make this formation are very gentle and baby-friendly.

This plant-powered formula removes up to 50% more milk from baby bottles, sippers, and tumblers. It has key ingredients like green apple extract which is a natural cleanser, it is free from toxins and harmful elements, and Basil which is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature. This liquid cleanser is a great choice for sanitizing baby products without any harmful chemicals.

Cleaning the feeding bottles and toys regularly will not only keep the baby safe from health risks, it will also keep the toys look great for a longer period of time. Using the tips above can help parents clean the toys as well as feeding bottles to minimize the spread of germs.

I am eager to know what all tricks and tips you use to keep these things germ free, don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.

Happy Parenting Mamas!

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This is a sponsored post by Mothersparsh but all views are mine. I have personally used the products and reviewed it on my experience.


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  1. @mothersparsh always comes out with great products for kids keeping in mind their needs and also makes them with natural ingredients. I’ve used sme of their products and they are really nice.

  2. I am totally in love with Mothersparsh products and this liquid cleanser is my favorite. I use it for cleaning my son’s toys & water bottles. Even use it to cleanse fruits & veggies and milk packets.

  3. It’s so important to maintain kids hyginie and this is great brand I am glad that you have shared this will share with my friends

  4. With the mouthing still going strong for my son, I’m always worried about cleaning his books and toys. Washing them every now and then is too much of a hassle. I’m glad to have found this product on your blog. Will try it for sure.

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