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A one day trip to the picnic place in Delhi for a whole family

A one day trip to the picnic place in Delhi for a whole family

I don’t think, for a very long time any of my blogs would start without mentioning the word “Pandemic” or “Covid19”. Every time I decide to pen down my thoughts the first thing that comes to mind is that things would have been way different had this Virus didn’t hit us right in the gut.

However, we learn to live & survive in the weirdest of the time and hope that we learn from our mistakes.

After being locked within four walls for months, stepping out of the house for an outing felt like a breath of fresh air with a hint of cottony-smell of my mask (masks are a must). This trip took place a couple of months ago. As my parents were visiting us for a month, we decided to go for a one day picnic. After looking at so many places and weighing our options we narrowed down on one destination “Pratap Garh farms and resort”. It is two hours drive from our place and we left early in the morning.

Destination: Pratap Garh farms and resort

From Noida to the destination:  2 hours 13 minutes 

Do you remember when we were kids how pepped up we use to get with just listening to the term “picnic”? Well, the roles are reversed and now parents were more stoked than me for this trip and I kept on planning what all to carry.

Here are a few things from my end to make your picnic all the more fun with your loved ones:

  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. As the area is quite huge and walking is the only option. There are tons of sports too, such as badminton or
  • Wear comfortable clothes and prepare an extra pair if you plan to attend the rain dance or some sports activities.
  • The ticket price for adults is 1200/- however, they often run some discounts (we got the tickets for 980/- per person) on these prices. Kids below five years of age get to enjoy free entry.

  • Food is taken care of by the people running the resort and it is worth your money. They have a different course of meals throughout the day and we found the taste pleasing to our taste buds.
  • Carry some snacks or beverages for your little ones as that would not be available within the premises or nearby places.
  • It is an open space and has maximum exposure to sunlight, plan your trip accordingly. We suggest visiting the place in early winters or late summers 🙂

The place is definitely away from the humdrum for metro city’s noises which was a pleasant change for us. It gives that rustic village vibes and has so many things to keep all of us engaged. As my little one was busy taking pottery lessons, my siblings found a place to enjoy badminton. Maa and papa sat in the mid of the green fields while my husband and I went for a walk in the beautiful garden.

The resort is also an ideal place for throwing a surprise party for adults or younger ones. There was a DJ as well, however, none of us were keen on exploring that part of the place. The staff was extremely courteous and welcomed us with a smile at every corner of the resort that we visited. Well, to my surprise that had a trampoline for adults too and also, carrom tables with a warm cup of tea.

Overall, I was happy that we decided to visit this place. We spent our picnic laughing, smiling, chit-chatting, and eating the delicious food delicacies :).

A day spent well with the whole family is indeed a beautiful day. 

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  1. I love vacations that have families on them. I have been waiting for two years now to visit the family and spend some time with them. I so loved reading this post and the poetry making seems such a stress buster.

  2. Pratap Garh farms and resort seems like a good choice for a day’s outing. Glad to know you had a great time there with the family.

  3. This place is very good one day outing. Kids loved this place. Many items to play for them. Good place for day out and fun with Family.

  4. Wow seems you guys enjoyed a lot on day out in this pandemic at Pratap garh farm and resort. Like that it has so many activities to explore at one place

  5. Wow seems you guys enjoyed a lot on day out in this pandemic at Pratap garh farm and resort. Like that it has so many activities to explore

  6. This looks perfect place for a day picnic with family, and I will share it with my Delhi friends and family!!

  7. This looks like a perfect family getaway. A great place to spend quality time with family and bond together. The best part is that it is just a couple of hours’ drive from Delhi.

  8. I’m so glad to see you enjoying some relaxed time with your family. The place sure looks good and is a refreshing change from the humdrum of the city.

  9. wow..pottery making. I remember our trip to a similar place in Delhi during our last India trip. Sometimes, such mini trips are enough to rejuvenate.

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