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Do Not Miss These Best Malayalam Movies Out There Only On ZEE5

Do Not Miss These Best Malayalam Movies Out There Only On ZEE5

Best Malayalam Movies Out There Only On ZEE5

Laughter is an instant Vacation- Milton Berle

To be honest, we all need such a vacation when an actual vacation seems like a faraway dream. A well-made comedy movie, hearty laughter with that perfect cup of ginger tea, or when you are all snuggled up on the bed is a blissful combination.

ZEE5 has a diverse collection of movies in different genres which means there are plenty of options to choose from. Pick your favorite, watch it as many times you want, however, figuring out the best movie becomes a bit of a daunting task with so many options to pick from. Don’t worry, I have a solution and I promise it is going to be worthwhile.

Here is a list of Malayalam Movies that I absolutely love. Hope you enjoy watching these too:

  • Carbon

Cinematographer and director Venu’s Carbon is about a youth, who is searching for ways to make a quick buck and enjoy life. The main lead of the character, Siby Sebastian played by Fahadh Faasil, comes from a modest background. The character he played in this film is selfish and a hypocrite, who doesn’t bother much even for his family.

Fahadh is excellent as the ambitious Sibi, shifting from the comical (the scene when he explains a grand plan to import cycles from China to Dileesh Pothan is a delight) to the fearful. Carbon has many layers and symbols which is the USP of the book.

  • Ayaal Sassi

Ayaal Sassi is Sajin Baabu’s second film. It is definitely an engaging satire, mocks the lifestyle of the modern-day world which is immersed with everything that is materialistic.

His brilliant piece of workflows through humorously unreal situations. Sajin uses his eccentric central protagonist to ask all those uncomfortable questions and not only that, somehow accomplishes in showing us the hypocrisy in the answers. This movie is a sarcastic satire with realistic nuances.



  • Madhura Raja

Madura Raja, an action-comedy genre movie was released in 2019. It was written and directed by Visakh. The movie featured Mammootty in the lead role. It is a sequel to director Viysakh’s 2010 hit, Pokkiri Raja, and brings back its main character Raja.

A complete, masala movie which is an out-and-out Mammootty show. It is an absolute joy to see the actor really having fun in a character designed to bring forth his charisma to the max. A few of Madhura Raja’s finest moments come when the film gleefully makes references to not just its predecessor but also other films.

  • Vilakkumaram

This movie is scripted by Nikhil Menon and directed by Vijay Menon. Bhavana Menon played the central role in this film. The script with social messages is a plus. Ashwathy (Bhavana Menon) is a teacher, who is passionate about her job.

She takes charge of molding the juvenile home kids and she acts as the counselor to those kids. The story revolves around the problems faced by the lead character while mentoring the juvenile kids. Do not forget to share your favorite movie in the comment section below and let me know if you enjoyed watching any or all of the above-mentioned ones.

Tune in to ZEE5, find the best collection of movies, and enjoy your day.


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  1. ZEE5 OTT platform.has come up with great movies in different languages to watch. I would share this list with my friends from south india and they would be happy to watxh them.

  2. I have started loving Zee5 more than any other OTT platform just because of the variety of series and movies in all genres and languages that are available here. These are some of the best Malayalam movies you have mentioned, thanks for sharing.

  3. I am a big fan of regional cinema and ZEE5 has further accentuated my love by bringing all the classics at one place. Regional cinema is a treasure I too hve unearthed very recently

  4. Zee5 have such great regional language collection and I am happy you shared this will let my friends know who are looking for such movies

  5. It’s amazing how Zee5 offers so many entertaining shows/movies of different genres in multiple languages. My kids and I are hooked to Zee5 these days.

  6. I am yet to start watching Malayalam section in Zee 5. Thanks for sharing the list of top films that will form the base for me.

  7. Zee5 is covering all the subjects loved by movie lovers. Malayalam audience will definitely love to watch these as they have nice concepts and play-scripts.

  8. I want to watch Carbon.Subtitles make life so much easier now and watching regional content is easy breezy.Thanks for this great list

  9. Thanks for listing entertaining Malayalam movies.
    Ayaal sassi sounds like a binge watch.
    Indeed zee5 is offering non stop entertainment as per our interest.

  10. My husband loved to watch South Indian movies. I will share these options with him, I m sure he will like it. It is really great that Zee5 is offering variety of entertainment in different languages.

    1. Malayalam cinema has great content and some wonderful actors to boost too. Good that we can now watch the best of them on ZEE5. Will surely check out.

  11. I haven’t watched much of the Malayalam language movies. Being such good movies available on the OTT platform gives me a chance to watch out the hidden gems.

  12. I have always felt that Malayalam Cinema is a cut above all it’s counterparts. I have been watching a lot of them this lockdown, thanks to the sub titles. Haven’t watched any from your list yet, so adding them to my list.

  13. Zee5 truly understands the Indian audience. That’s why they are providing different languages movies, regional movies, family dramas, classics cinema and comedy movies. I’ll definitely watch carbon and Vilakkumara.

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