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10 Signs That You Are A Die-Hard Bollywood fan

10 Signs That You Are A Die-Hard Bollywood fan

Before I start mentioning the sign here is a little story of my wedding, hope you enjoy reading this and then don’t forget to read through the signs of being a true Bollywood fan:

Like many weddings, our jaimaal was pretty delayed too #indianweddings. It was supposed to be over by 9 p.m. Imagine a situation where the groom and the baraat is at the door and the bride is stuck in a traffic jam ….yup that was me. I was all decked up, irritated to the core due to all the jewelry and hungry because the bridal make up takes gazillion years, a deadly combination. My uncle was driving the car and we were stuck in the same place for eternity. Nearby there was a chat ka thela and all I could think of that papri chaat….not my wedding, not my lehenga not even about the poor groom.

Both my younger siblings were with me, they not only noticed but went outside and bought it for me …now the struggle was to lift that Nath (nose-ring) and eat. It was painful because I got my nose pierced a week before the wedding. Anyways, I ate and felt a little alive. The rest of the day was blurry because weddings are effing boring and long.

But there was a moment I remember like it happened yesterday. I was walking towards the stage…, I swear, all Karan Johar’s movies failed at that moment…I lifted my eyes and saw him, the first time we looked into each other’s eyes and I saw his smile…I could have died at that moment with no regrets. I can never forget the look in his eyes, he just smiled and kept staring…I saw a hint of disbelief in his eyes and I shared the sparkle too, it was happening…we were getting married and nothing else mattered at that moment.

The man I promised to annoy the rest of my life was standing in front of me bowing his head and smiling ear to ear so I can put that jaimal (garland) without any hassle…. remember that dialogue “Ek mard ka sir sirf teen aurton ke saamne jhukta hai. Ek apni maa ke saamne, ek durga ma ke saamne aur…” background music of kuch kuch hota hai was playing loud in my head.

My heart was pounding and my eyes were teary. I never believed in marriage as an institution but that one moment created the magic of emotions I would never be able to explain in words.

Filmy much?

Here are few signs that I believe, makes you a true diehard fan of Bollywood:

1. There is always a song that you can fit into any situation in life. From birthdays to breakup and from best friends to love, Bollywood has a song for every situation. If you are a true fan then your brain automatically recalls just the right song when you see a situation fit for that.

2. You must have watched most classical or iconic (maybe?) films (DDLJ, Hum aapke hai kaun, Sholey, Padosan…just to name a few) so many times that you can always flawlessly narrate the dialogues.

3. Fitting the dialogues of movies that you absolutely love into any conversation is your forte. “Ye Dhai Kilo Ka Haath” or “Chote Chote Shehron Me Badi Badi Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai Senorita” can easily be used by you without feeling awkward. All Filmy!

4.Your feet might be tired and mind might be exhausted but the dance number like “Saat samandar paar” or “kisi disco me jaayen” can make your feet start moving on their own. Cheesy the number better the mood.

5. If you are anything like me, you don’t just love movies – they are a major part of your very existence. You just need to look at a Bollywood movie trailer once to figure out if it’s copied from some international film.

6. You are always up to date with trailers, any debate on movie excites you and it is never complete without your active participation.

7. This one might ofend the book lovers, for you, movies are always better or let/s just say preferred one than the books.

8. Your laptop or phone will have IMDB and rotten Tomatoes as two of the most visited websites. Anyone who needs a recommendation for a good movie comes to you without a second thought.

9. There is nothing called “too much news or information” when it comes to your favorite Bollywood celebrity and of course, you have thought a million times in your head what would you say once you meet them personally (dreamt about it would be an understatement).

10. No matter how much you try and deny it, you thrive on the drama and masala of our Hindi films. Cross your heart and tell me if you have never tried to talk like Geet and Poo (did you just smile?).

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow! This blog describes my husband and me perfectly! We are a hugeee filmy at heart and movies are indeed a very important part of our lives. We don’t go a day without uttering out at least 10 Bollywood movie dialogues.
    Loved loved loved the way you wrote this.
    Nitisha recently posted…A Vacation to Remember!My Profile

  2. Yes yes! I am a Bollywood fan. Got almost all 10/10! BTW I have a similar wedding ka story to share. Yours sounded perfectly romantic and filmy.

  3. such a me post 🙂 I am a bollywood die hard and i never shy away from accepting it. I can start to sing a song or say a dialogue even if i found a word matching in my conversation.

  4. I really loved this post!! I am like geet who is really not tired talking and my fav no is saat samandar par …when it comes to dance!!

  5. Not completely but yes I love to watch Hindi movies and sometimes I relate myself with the specific characters. I loved all the Gifs and songs of the post. Well done.

  6. Such a filmy kinda wedding, n yea I agree bride make up takes ages to do, n also the hunger pangs during that time. Great pointers u sure r a bollywood movie-buff

  7. Ok! As oer your tn commandments I am a cerificate bollywood freak. Even my 7 year old son now knows that mamma knows a song for every situation. Loved the story of your wedding. Absolutely filmy.

  8. Lovely filmy post.. I so loved how you described ur wedding day.. And I could so relate to all the points of a bollywood movie lover… I think I have one song for each milestone of my life 🙂

  9. Yes… Bollywood situations are real… That’s why they fit into our lives. Very true…
    Work has kept me busy but this bollyexpress has put me back into my bollywood express.
    Really liked reading the 10 signs.

  10. Full filmy post and oh so romantic. Loved, loved, loved it. I am a bolly buff going by the pointers you’ve stated

  11. I realized I am fitting in many of them. I can sing in any situation. I have a habit of guessing movies and songs. I still love watching Bollywood despite the age of Hollywood love. Such an amusing post Kavita ?

  12. I just loved your full on filmy post, being a bollywood fan, background music become inevitable part of life, thoroughly enjoyed while reading.

  13. wahh Kavita..Even though I haven’t attended your wedding but you painted the whole picture in front of my eyes..I can’t imagine how you would have had Chaat with the big Nath..hats off to you girl..

  14. Aha, now that’s called a typical filmy fan ka mast wala post.
    The way you expressed with the background music it was fun to read and visualize too. I loved the gif’s and its descriptions a lot.
    Glad to have your post on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress

  15. Kahani poori filmy hai!!! ?You shared a very sweet moment of your life beautifully..And yes, all the signs that you shared were bang on..Enjoyed reading it..

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