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#BookReview – Will You Still love Me? By Ravinder Singh

#BookReview – Will You Still love Me? By Ravinder Singh


There are a few books that you purchase when you walk past a book store because you had too (they call your name, don’t believe me?). I haven’t read many books from this author however, I am an ardent fan of his raw and witty Instagram stories/posts.

I read the author’s debut novel called- I too had a love story, quite late. My bestie was going gaga over it since the day she read it, at last, I gave in to the peer pressure. Back in 2015 when I read his first book which was published in 2008, it was still being praised everywhere. People loved his writing style and the flow of his stories.

I read it and to be honest, didn’t like it much. It made me sad and was emotionally draining (wasn’t that a sign that it touched some right chords). Before you start bashing me, let me just say most of the choices that I make while picking up a book, often depends on the situation or emotions I feel in those days. The phase back then wasn’t in favor of love and everything I read about these lovey-dovey stories made me mad.

Anyways, back to the author’s book. I read his second novel- Can love happen twice? a couple of years later. Well, I fell in love with the book instantly (stop smiling). I loved the story and felt connected with his simple yet effective writing style of portraying emotions.

I believe in happy endings or living happily ever after, my brain is wired that way. (This clearly needs another post, someday…)

All this story was to make you understand my reasons for picking up this book that day, even when I had no plans of buying a new book. I immediately remembered the experience of reading his first two books and within seconds, it was in the billing counter.

Book Name: Will You Still Love Me?

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Fiction / Romance  
About the author:

Ravinder Singh is a well-known author and has a strong social media presence. He ventured into book publishing in the year 2015 with his publication house Black Ink. His debut novel announced his presence in the writing world with its magnanimous success.

With the help of my stalking of his Instagram stories, I can say that he loves Punjabi music and trying his hands on short stories now.

Book Review:

Lavanya Gogoi from Meghalaya and Rajveer Singh from Punjab, met on a flight and the whole narrative is straight out of Bollywood movie (I root for them, cliché’ scenes marinated in well-written words are my favorite to read). Two humans, who are worlds apart from one another land up next to each other on a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh.

From the pristine beauty of Northeastern states to the bullet rides in the streets of Punjab, this book gives you goals for your next travel destination. The book runs on two angles simultaneously – Love story on one side and lecture of two men to students about road safety are interlinked and wonderfully explained.

The couple tries to fight through the prejudice of one’s family, their heart-wrenching fate, and then the result of their actions/chain reactions, to be together.

Final Thoughts:

A love story that leaves with you a heartache along with a thought to ponder upon for your own actions.

For me, the first half of the book wasn’t that gripping, although I was curious to read the connection of two angles, on which the story was running. One time read for sure.


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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Kavita,
    I am Jasmine from Delhi. While searching for reviewers, I came across your profile in indiblogger and was wondering if you could do a book review for me on Amazon.
    My debut novel is a fictional mystery thriller set in the south Delhi. The title of the book is ‘Mystery Behind The Disappeared.’
    By your profile, I could sense that you are into romance, but expanding your horizons by trying out other genres this year. I am a bit uncertain whether the genre of my book will intrigue you or not. However, if you go through the blurb on Amazon and find it interesting, I’ll be happy to discuss how we can take this forward.
    I shall be awaiting your response.

  2. I haven’t read any of his books and I’ve always looking for new authors, so thanks for introducing me. I totally get what you mean about the space you are in affecting how you relate to a book! When I go through different phases in life I enjoy different types of books.

  3. I have read this book as well and i liked it for one time read while traveling. As you also agreed that the first half of the book isn’t too interesting, so i would say one time read is good.

  4. I am not too familiar with Indian authors and their works. I will love to read books you recommend as I love how you review a book so accurately. Love stories and romances are my favourite reads

  5. I have read his earlier books but not this one. I feel his usp is the person next door kind of relatable stories. I will pick this one u too given a chance after reading your review

  6. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to many Indian authors yet. It’s still a virgin territory for me. Your review looks good and the book sounds great. Goes up to my TBR.

  7. I have read some of his books and he is considerably good at writing romance. If it is too bollywoodish then I might think twice for picking it up for reading..

  8. I love reading romantic stories. But don’t like the sad ending and like you said it heart touching. The plot sounds intriguing and looks like a good read

  9. I haven’t read any of his books yet but after reading your backstory for choosing him and your review, I feel like I should. I like books that take us on a virtual tour of beautiful locations. Will give it a read.

  10. Even my brain is wired for happy endings. Infact I like reading happy books to relieve my stress and relax. Guess after reading your review I will give this book a miss.

  11. I am a fan of his writing, I too had a love story was the first book that introduced his spectacular books to me. I haven’t got the opportunity to read this one, but very soon. Thank you for the recommendation.

  12. It a very nice Crisp and to the point review. Like the way you have narrated it. I don’t generally like heartbreaking love stories. I keep feeling bad for long time, I would give this one a skip.

  13. I havent read anything by this author as yet. I’ve yet to start reading books by famous Indian authors. I’ve read only chethan bhagats books till date.

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