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Day 6 –Suns and Lovers

Day 6 –Suns and Lovers

***This stay-at-home mommy loves her book collection***

Books make me happy; I enjoy the magical world they create as I start reading them. I am an avid reader and even after being in the most eventful phase of my life AKA mommy-hood, I did not stop reading. Rain outside, a hot cup of tea and a novel is my way of relaxing. I still do that on weekends. Surprised? Well, it is not difficult if you have a strong support system.

I don’t need thousand splendid suns to brighten my mood or day a book with the exact title will do just fine. I am a true romantic at heart and one can easily nominate me as the cheesiest person alive when it comes to DDLJ dialogue reference. I fall in love with the characters of the book and have had many such lovers in books.

My treasured suns and lovers are easily found, all you need is a true heart to read and experience the journey through that book.

I love books.

I love that moment when you open and sink into it

You can escape from the world,

Into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be

– Elizabet Scott

This blog (Day 3) is written for #BarAThon Edition 2 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

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