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Day 7- The call of the wind – It is about “Me”

Day 7- The call of the wind – It is about “Me”

I took you all on a journey and gave you a glimpse of six days in my life. From the hurled judgments of others to a strong support system, from days I felt lost to days with laughter marathon with a toddler at home, I tried to show you the life of a stay at home mom (My World).

The only thing left to share is who am I?

No, not talking about the roles or responsibilities of my life. I am a stubborn daughter, a pampered wife, a jovial friend, a passionate blogger (or so I think) and a doting mother. These are the roles I immensely enjoy and feel blessed each day.

But today, it is about ME. I am a free spirited human being, I make mistakes but I am not afraid of taking the risk. I follow the call of the wind in my life but make sure to fly, swim, run, and walk at my own pace. I don’t get intimidated by anyone, but there are tons of people who inspire me each day. From fellow blogger moms to my toddler, I learn from all.

I am a responsible mother but I am still that carefree girl who enjoys all-nighters (even though I regret it in the morning) with my buddies. I am the finance manager of the house and I am the one who goes bonkers at times in any street market haul.  I am the mature individual who thinks zillion times before taking any step at the same time I am the one who every-time falls in love with a new character in the book and cries when he gets hitched with a fictional character.

“I am me. I am who I am meant to be. I am my past, my present and who I want to be. I am not anyone, I am all three. I am work in progress, a destiny. I am who I choose to be. I AM ME.”


This blog (Day 3) is written for #BarAThon Edition 2 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.

You can read my previous blog in the series here.



Mom of a beautiful and most adorable baby girl. I am a dreamer and a true optimist with a drop of crazy at heart. I have always been fascinated with the perpetual link of a pen and a heart. It amazes me how beautifully pen can write what heart truly believes. I am a stubborn daughter, pampered wife, doting mother and free-spirited human being. Do not forget to visit and

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  1. As they say,”love yourself for who you are”. You have portrayed it perfectly. Keep loving yourself and spreading the motivation of doing so.

  2. I have already told you before …. but here once again let me declare I love you gal. You are one free spirited soul loving life to the best. Lovely post

  3. There is one innocent girl in every mom. Hidden somewhere she just need some extra tonic of craziness to comeout. Love the read.

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