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Whom to Blame My Choices Or Fault In Their Stares?

Whom to Blame My Choices Or Fault In Their Stares?

Theme: 7 days sneak peek into a stay-at-home mom’s life

Being a mother, you are constantly judged for your choices at some point or the other in your life by people.  No matter how developed our nation becomes, till one human being doesn’t genuinely feel compassion for another, nothing much can be attained.

I am proud of many things in my life but believe me never beats being a mother. These judgments which come our way, is it due to our choices or is there a fault in their stares?  Here is a short incident I want to share with you all, which shows a judgment being hurled towards mom each day:

I shifted to a new neighborhood and one evening had a conversation with a mom living next door


I saw a maid leaving your place in the morning, do you have a house help?

*Me* *little awkward*

Yes, I do.

*Neighbor* *Typical nosy neighbor mode on*

But you said you are a stay at home mom

*Me* *trying hard to control my thoughts to reflect on my face”*

Yes, I am.

*Neighbor **strikes again*

Don’t you have just one kid?

Me*Pretending to be aloof of what she means*

Yes, ma’am.

*Neighbor* *Brag mode on*

Well, I have 3 and I do all my household chores on my own without a help. My hubby doesn’t even keep his plate in the kitchen sink after eating

Me *Smile face*

Good for you, who am I to judge anyone for their choices. I am sure you are happy with your beautiful children and helpful husband and so, am I.

Neighbor stares at me for a second. smiles half-heartedly and leaves saying nothing.

Monday is about to be over, the man of the house made tea for both of us while the little one was busy singing “wheels on the bus”.  This conversation with *neighbor*becomes a topic of discussion between me and man of the house, during our tea time. I slept peacefully thanking got for another blissful day with my loved ones.

This blog (Day 1) is written for #BarAThon Edition 2 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm.



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Reader Comments

  1. Haha… That was so subtle and yet so powerful… I’m sure your neighbor got the right answer! I love your blog and I hope to be here regularly!


  2. I have been a SAHM for 6 years before I got back into the workforce last year. And I must say, that the judgement is harsh and hurtful, but after a while, you just have to let it slide. Just like you did.

  3. These stares for comes not only from relatives but own family members as well. The question that what do you do the whole day when you are not going to work when you work from home or stay at home is we always face.

  4. Looking forward to more insight into your daily life as a mom. I hate it when people assume that being mom means you are meant to live a miserable life & keep cribbing. Motherhood is meant to be such a happy feeling, right?

  5. Nice theme.. As a SAHM I am looking forward to read more.. SAHM should not have a maid as she is free at all time at home is a bad judgement every one have.. thank god now a days it slowly changing and I hope it will be better in future ..

  6. Good choice for the theme. I am also facing these kind of dialogues. But we can not go and explain to each one questioning us. It’s our choice nothing to do with them. Eagerly waiting to read more on this theme.

  7. It’s a great theme and I am certain the instances you quote will be something every mommy relates too. My 2 cents- don’t you think we somewhere tend to let that affect us atleast a teeny weeny bit? If we try and make a conscious attempt to damn the world we will truly be liberated!

  8. Being judged is something we all brave everyday, 24/7… I love the way you mentioned of keeping a smiling face sane head. At times though it gets really tricky to do so. Thanks for sharing a beautiful post.

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