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A Salad Story by Momtasticworld #childhoodtale

A Salad Story by Momtasticworld #childhoodtale

Childhood Tale

If we have to name one thing which we all cherish forever then it has to be the memories of our childhood. In the race of being better every day, I sometimes miss the carefree days and innocent dreams. There are tons of stories that often brings a smile on my face and lifts up my mood instantly. Today, I will be sharing one such memory and hope it brings a smile on your face too.

Salad has always been a part of meals since childhood, all thanks to our mom who absolutely loves all kinds of salads. ?

I have a love-hate relationship with salads, I don’t enjoy experimenting with my taste buds. Trying new flavors, the different taste is a challenging task for me and I often stick to the flavors that I enjoy.  Unlike my mother who absolutely loves all kind of salads on this planet, I guess. The woman is obsessed with fruits and salads. I have never seen her put on extra weight and boy, she can rock any saree in the world like a pro, sorry, deviating from the topic ?

As the opposite attracts my dad cannot eat a salad with a happy face ? and then us, the children, a mix of habits of both the parents. Grocery hopping was dad’s favorite household chore that he thoroughly enjoyed. He was someone who would suggest what can be made for dinner while eating breakfast. Green vegetables were love but beetroot was not something that he relished eating.

As I recall, Beetroot salad was a constant part of our afternoon meals, and dividing it equally in a same-size bowl was also a mandate ?. We are four siblings and of course, all had tantrums when it comes to food. However, tantrums were not limited to us only, as much as maa loved beetroot salad, dad couldn’t bear the taste of it.

One fine afternoon, my dad announced that he won’t eat the salad and took the bowl out of his meal plate. ? Looking at him my elder sister who had a grudge against dal (instead of eating rice with dal she would prefer it with sabji) on her plate followed the same process. Now it was a war between these two our parents weren’t the “I said so” kinds for some matter at least ??.

Maa looked at both of them and said to papa, well if I can’t force you to finish your salad I definitely cannot force her to finish her dal. I saw the look on my dad’s face, I think he regretted being an adult or at least a parent for a microsecond there ?

Poor guy picked up the bowl and finished it and never said anything ever about salad. Well, Didi followed the steps and finished her meal too.?❣️

Parenting done right, I guess ?

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Kavita, this is such a cute beetroot story. I am quite fond of beetroot and I try to add salads to our meals, but it is not as easy as it sounds! Looking forward to your salad posts. All the best! 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading the salad story because something alike happened at our home as well and I don’t like too much of salad but due to such instance was or I would say I had to eat it

  3. Haha, that’s such a cute salad story. Now that we are parents too, I can totally relate to what uncle must be going through at that moment. I don’t like salads that much but had to eat because my son copies me 😀

  4. haha, what a cute story! You have to eat the tooris and the tindas as responsible adults, a beetroot salad seems a nicer must-eat 🙂
    I wish you would also share the recipe for the salad – We always find even the beetroot to be kacha, and difficult to chew and therefore end up not adding it to the normal salad either.

  5. Ooh! Fancy Kavita. Beetroot salad is the perfect marriage of a strong flavour with mild sweetness. Plus being rich in Carotene, I feel like we need not think salads (cucumbers and tomato) are boring! A dash of avocados can add so much life too!

  6. I have a love hate relationship with salads . I don’t like every kindvof salads. But I like the sweet beetroot salad.

  7. Haha, loved this salad story. My daughter treats salad like another sabzi and says main sirf ek khaungi, do nahi! Beetroot is trickiest to have and I try to slip it in dosas, cutlets or parathas to avoid the struggle everytime.

  8. you know I could relate to most of your salad story too. the best part was that the beetroot salad had to be ‘equally’ divided among all siblings. 🙂

  9. aww.. what a beautiful memory.. at our home we too had different food preferences and my cant imagine how my mom attended to all. hats off

  10. Like you I also have a love-hate relationship with salads. I don’t like all type of salads but I like beetroot salad and loved your story.

  11. Awww that’s beautiful salad story. This sometimes happens in our home dinner table too. Conflict over food is always fun and remembering

  12. We love all fruits and veggies I our family.All of us.I loved this bit of memory you shared Kavita.Parenting done wonderfully I must say

  13. Ha ha such a cute incidence and I loved the fact that your mom loves all kinds of salad. I am just like you who does not like to do much experiment with my taste buds but after reading your post, feeling inspired to add more salads in my routine meal.

  14. Hahahaha…such a heart-warming story! Reminded me of the times when we all gathered together on the dining table for the family meal. Only difference is, we had no choice; we had to eat whatever was served to us. Lol…

  15. In my house none of us really are great fan of beetroot in spite of knowing how healthy it is. But lately I tried cooking it with kari paata and little actually tasted good. Loved your’s a story of every household..I could totally relate to this.

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