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And This Made Me Chuckle…

And This Made Me Chuckle…
Terrace and me…..

I was disheartened and felt like punching the hell out of the person who made me this sad. While I sat on the terrace, sobbing and cursing, I forgot to keep a check on the watch. It was late in the night and I heard a terrace door open, the sound of the gate gave me goosebumps. Yeah, it felt as if I stepped right into a horror movie scene and some serial killer will appear out of nowhere.

I turned to see and noticed gentlemen standing, waiving at me. As far as I can recall I never saw this person before in my life. It frightened me a little bit however, being in that sad state, somehow, my heart managed to be not that scared of anything at that moment.

He walked towards me and sat right next to me. He looked familiar almost like my mirror image but in the suit. Before I ask him anything, he replied I am you or let’s just say a part of your subconscious mind.

I laughed so loudly that almost had a mini heart attack, but I noticed he wasn’t joking. My confusion level on another planet altogether. Shouldn’t you be a woman? Do I look like a man and I never noticed? Gosh, was Ajith from my office was right when he said: ”Dude, you are a bro trapped in a girls body” (yeah, I got friend-zoned too).

Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. Here is how the conversation went between me and looks like a part of my subconscious mind:

Me: So you are saying my subconscious mind works and it appears like a MAN??

Him: Yes, why are you so surprised?

Me: hmmmm….because looks like in this conversation I am the sane one and know that a man & woman are two different genders.

Him: Okay! Here are few things I want to ask before I answer your questions. Do you ever feel more comfortable in just zoning out from the world and think about pizza? Do you have more male friends or female friends? Are you an attention seeking maniac?? Okay, scratch all that, it fits both the genders…my point is I am your subconscious mind and gender specification doesn’t fit here.

Moreover, going by your track record, a well-dressed gentleman may actually take your thoughts away from whatever sob story you are thinking.

Me: See, I don’t have time for your stupid games. Can you please tell me what the hell is happening here, other than proving that I do not fit into a mold of “A good girl image” as per the society standards? The last thing I want at this moment is to go on a guilt trip.

Him: Alright! I am with you on this. I am a part of your subconscious mind and I am here to help you out with your emotional breakdown.

Me: Stop right there! Are you kidding me? If you are actually a part of my brain shouldn’t you be working at the moment to stop me from sobbing and not loitering around in the terrace like a Krishna Bhagwaan from that Akshay Kumar’s Movie??

Him: Well I got tired of your bullsh… sorry, no bad words, tired of your sobbing. You locked us up and were not listening anything from us. We tried, I mean your subconscious mind, conscious mind and for a change your heart too. But you just won’t listen to us and kept on crying.

I am here to give you a life mantra and want you to chant this after me. I guarantee you it will make you feel better.

“Repeat after me – I don’t Give a Fcuk”

A seriously deranged person I am, if my own mind guides me like that, but what the heck, let’s just try it. So, repeated it rather sang it like I am singing some Beyonce’s chartbuster, 10 times and to my utmost surprise, it worked. Voila, it worked and I did feel just a tad bit better.

“When life gets tough on you, hit back with your strongest punch and make sure you listen to your mind & heart.”

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Reader Comments

  1. “When life gets tough on you, hit back with your strongest punch and make sure you listen to your mind & heart.” What a powerful phrase. You have a done a great job on addressing about gender norms.

  2. It’s brilliant how you wanted to send across a message to the readers and did so without being preachy. Talking to your subconscious male mind made this a fun read with an important message

  3. Seriously, it made me chuckle. Often happens with all of us thinking about gender norms !! It is just a choice. If a girl is brave does it mean she acts like a man, Nooo she is brave that’s all .
    Nice post kind of refreshing

  4. Gender biases need to be eradicated. But sadly if there is a headstrong woman, she is believed and portrayed to behave like a man. why? why can’t a woman have a mind of her own? sometimes the society pressurizes so much that women lose self-confidence. I loved the manner in which you narrated a very important point that women need to be self-confident.

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