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Are you a September Born too? (5 reasons why September is the best month of the year)

Are you a September Born too? (5 reasons why September is the best month of the year)

September is one of my favorite months of the year.  Of course being my birthday month is one of the many reasons for my liking or bias towards this month. However, I have few more reasons to tell you and I am sure once you are through reading, it will be one of your favorite months too.

Pleasing Weather:

A soothing weather of September makes everything beautiful. You don’t have to worry about either June/July sweaty summer or December/January bone cold weather. Plan for a meet in the morning, afternoon or night, it is always a beautiful breezy weather outside.


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The abundance of outfit choices:

You don’t need to fret over keeping zillion things to control sweat or suffocate under a winter wears. You get to choose the best of your outfits and carry that makeup without a flick of the tension of sweat. Pair up the best of your jewelry and need not be bothered about being entangled in your winter cap. Relax in the greatness of autumn fashion, and wear the most beautiful jumper that you have.


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Jack Daniel’s Birthday Month (No Kidding!):

September marks the start of Jack’s Birthday Month, a promotion from Jack Daniels that celebrates the originator of the Tennessee whiskey. (Am I hearing cheers in the background). Do you seriously need more reason other than this to know that September is the best month of the year?


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All the Single Ladies to Mitron:

You share your birthday month with the list of awesome celebrities from Beyonce to Kareena Kapoor, from Akshay Kumar to Lata Mangeshkar. If that wasn’t enough for you then let me tell you that our current Mr. Prime Minister’s birthday is on the list too.


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Libra or Virgo:

September born means your sun sign is Libra, Virgo or cusp. Whichever the sign you are, one thing is sure that your attention to detail and love for perfection is impeccable. People born in this month are a smooth communicator. They are sensitive yet calm individuals.

No offense to any other month of the year but my bias towards this month is justified after all birthday months are meant to be given importance.

“September days are here with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer- Helen Hunt Jackson”

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Reader Comments

  1. Haha! The Jack Daniels birthday part was funny :P. By the way I envy those who have good weather in September unlike the Middle east where surely the weather isn’t anything to write home about even during this month:P.

  2. hahahaha husband and sister are both september born ! And Jack Daniel’s birthday month? No kidding ! Will pass on to both of them – they would be thrilled 😀

  3. I can vouch for the fact that September is the best month of the year. My sister’s birthday is in September, so case closed! But yes whatever you say in addition to the birthday logic is as it is good enough to make it anyone’s best month.

  4. September is a loved one’s birthday month! So it is a nice month.
    But the weather here is Bangalore makes me experience winter, summer and rains all in a single day in September!

  5. Nice post… Superb logic… and wish you happy birthday in advance (if its yet to come) or belated wishes (if its already crossed)!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hey Kavita, I am also born in September. Till many years I used to feel blessed that I and Kareena Kapoor share the same birthday 21st. Now I am a little grown up. And yes, September is pleasant this year. Else I remember the suffocating weather after immediate rains.

  7. Happy Birthday Month! and I have my best frds born in this month so due credit to the month for bringing awesome people in my life….including you 🙂

  8. Oh dear, I am not September born. I almost feel like I’m missing something. The weather is definitely nice most of the time for the month. My wardrobe is covered up or I’m inside staying warm for my birthday. Hmm unless I go on vacation.

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